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Perfect your skin for your upcoming wedding!

Wedding pictures last a lifetime. If you’re engaged, you are probably over the moon and dreaming about wedding dresses and hair styles. Don’t forget about your skin! Taking care of your skin before the wedding and ensuring that you have a great makeup look on your big day is a big deal. We know there’s only so much that Photoshop can do!  If you are  planning a winter or even spring nuptials, now is the time to start a healthy skin regimen

Six months or so before the wedding, start experimenting. Try out makeup, self-tanner, nail polish and anything else you plan to put on your skin to ensure it doesn’t give you a rash and to just experiment and see what you like. If you are thinking about getting a procedure like Botox, it is best to test it out four months in advance so it wears off before the wedding in case you don’t like the results. You don’t want to have a strained smile in your wedding photos!

If you’re worried about your preexisting  sun damage, six months in advance is the best time to start working on fixing your dark spots. Head to your dermatologist to talk about treatments and any other skin care problems you might want looked at. They may recommend laser treatments or simply creams to help brighten your face.

A month before your wedding, you want to resist the urge to try anything new or extreme procedures. Continue on with a skincare regimen that works best for you and keep going on with what your dermatologist recommended for any of your skincare issues.

A week before your wedding is when you want to figure out your look, choose your makeup and determine if you want a makeup artist or not. Remember to choose makeup that you know works with you and doesn’t cause breakouts or irritations. You may want to cut corners and do your makeup yourself or have a friend do it, just make sure you know what you’re doing and get someone’s honest opinion. Keep hydrated and gently exfoliate to show your best face forward. If stress is giving you monster breakouts, see your doctor for something prescribed that can clear up the acne right away.

Lastly, get makeup advice if you’re not savvy. Find the best products that will help your look last all day and not melt or fade for the photos.Get

If you’re married, send us photos of your makeup and skincare look! If you’re engaged, let us know what looks you’re trying out!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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