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Find the perfect stylist

If you’re like me, getting your haircut can rival that of a traumatic experience. While you may have a picture perfect idea of what your locks should look like, it can be hard to convey that to a hairstylist who isn’t also your BFF. Finding a hairstylist can be extremely challenging. There’s no telling if the Super Cuts down the street will hold your next beloved, or if you’ll have to delve deeper to find the perfect salon cut. I believe it’s possible to find the balance you’ve been looking for all along in a hairstylist and here’s how:

Ask Around: If you have a girlfriend, or coworker whose cut you’ve always admired, don’t be afraid to ask her where she gets her hair done and by WHOM. Your friend will be flattered that you’re impressed by her locks, and her hairstylist may give her a freebie for providing a new client! (Which just made you her new best friend!) Also note, just because someone recommends a specific hair salon doesn’t mean you’ ll necessarily find a good hairstylist match there. Make sure to get the name of the particular hairstylist the person has seen, so you’re odds of making a good match are the best they can be.

Do Your Research: If you think you have an idea of what you’re looking for – hit the pavement, or the Internet. See what salons in your area are in your price range, and see if any of the hairstylists have been mentioned on notable blogs, websites, or even television. Sometimes you can find great hairstylists by checking who does your local news anchor’s hair when the credits are rolling. If they name the salon and not any particular hairstylist, give them a call and ask for the hairstylist who does your favorite anchor’s hair. These salons are usually top rated, professional and employ capable, reliable, hairstylists.

Choose and Consult: Sometimes the best way to find a hairstylist is to find a salon that best suits your style. If you’re a working professional, look in the area surrounding your office. If you’re more apt to do a funky look, check out chic parts of town that are known for their quirks and edginess. Ask the receptionist for a recommendation for a hairstylist that would fit your needs and book a consultation. Have a list of concerns so you don’t miss discussing anything that the hairstylist should know. Most stylists are grateful to have the opportunity to address any issues you may have and discuss ideas for new styles that fit your hair type and lifestyle. Don’t make the mistake of feeling pressured into getting a haircut. A stylist should always make you feel comfortable and at ease about ideas surrounding your precious ‘do! It’s worth your time to take the time to consult before making the cut!

Check the Lists: Sometimes the best places to find a great hairstylist is the “best of” section in your local newspaper, magazine, and Internet. If your city has a “best of” edition, check which hair salons make the list, and specifically what hairstylists are mentioned. Be wary though, these hair stylists are most likely in extremely high demand, book weeks in advance and will be on a higher fee food chain. Make sure you call ahead, and check reviews online so you know they will be a good fit!

Finding a hairstylist who takes great care of you is not the impossible dream! Getting your haircut should be a fun and painless experience – and you should leave the salon feeling fierce! Finding the right stylist may take a bit of homework, trial and error, so don’t give up hope simply because of failed past attempts. Don’t leave your next appointment simply to chance! Try these tips and let me know how it works for you!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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