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Lululemon continues to shun plus-sized customers

Last spring Lululemon customers complained about the company’s popular yoga pants being too sheer and pilling. Customers felt the pants weren’t up to the company’s usual standards of high quality. Lululemon quickly recalled the pants and issued customers a refund or replaced the pants.

Well, now the company’s founder, Chip Wilson, is saying that it’s not their fault, it’s yours because you’re too fat.  Cool, thanks for clearing that up dude . . . wait, what?!

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, this guy actually said these words, “Frankly some women’s bodies just don’t actually work for it, They don’t work for some women’s bodies…it’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how much they use it.” Sorry ladies, if you don’t have the ever popular thigh-gap, you are out of luck. In attempt to do some damage control, his wife interjected and tried to clarify his comments by saying that some customers might be, “sitting on a cement ground.”  Yes, because SO many of us workout by sitting around on cement right? When asked if not every woman could wear their pant, Wilson responded with, “I just think it’s how you use it. “ Well, which is it? Are our thighs too fat or are we using it wrong by sitting on slabs of cement?

This isn’t the first time Lululemon’s founders have shown insensitivity or just general not-giving-a-crap about their customers who may not live up to their standards. Former employees have come out saying that their larger sizes were relegated to a separate area at the back of the store, left clumped and unfolded under a table while the smaller sizes were presented on the floor or hung and folded neatly. When asked about this, Wilson said that it “takes 30 percent more fabric to create plus-size clothes, meaning that he would have to charge a higher price for them.” That’s something Wilson would never do, he said at the time, because plus-size people are sensitive and the company would feel intense fallout from the community.

Telling women that they are too big for your clothes and throwing your larger sizes in a pile at the back of your stores sends the message to consumers that they don’t belong in your clothes.  Now not only do women have to worry about being judged at the gym, we have to worry about being judged for simply buying the clothes to wear to the gym. Thanks Lululemon!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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