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Presenting the perfect holiday pout

You may not have seen Mama kissing Santa Claus, but what about when you get caught under the mistletoe at your next holiday party? The holidays are the perfect time to try out all sorts of fun makeup trends, but your lips are undeniably one of the most important places to perfect before that cocktail event.

Red lips are always appropriate for the holidays – at once festive, formal and fun, red lipstick or lip stain is a holiday classic. Bright fire engine red works around this time, but beware of too much matching. If you’re wearing a festive red dress, choose a different lip color for variation. Berry and oxblood shades of red are also in this season.

However it’s not your only option. You can wear red lips to one party or event, but what to wear to the next? Gold lips are a great way to incorporate a little sparkle of the season into your makeup palette. This metallic hue also has the power to make your whole face look luminous and bathed in warm light. Choose a natural shade of lipstick with flecks of gold shimmer in it, or cover your favorite lip color with a glittery gold gloss.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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