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The trick you need to remove holiday nail trends

There’s nothing more festive for the holidays than glittery nail polishes. A sparking red or gold is perfect for Christmas time, or you might opt for a glistening blue for Hanukkah, or a chunky, multi-colored glitter for New Years. Sparkly polishes are awesome – until it comes time to take them off.

If you’ve ever added a little sparkle to your manicure you probably know that icky feeling of shiny flakes scraping your nail bed as you use gallons of remover and gobs of cotton balls. But don’t resolve to give up sparkly polish just yet.

For an easy removal process, Bella Sugar recommends saturating one cotton ball in acetone nail polish remover, pressing it down on the pinky nail, and wrap it completely in aluminum foil. Repeat this process with all of your nails, then press down to allow the remover to seep through the polish. After five minutes, slide them off to reveal perfectly naked nails!

Generally, the trick is just to hold the cotton ball to the nail for a while until the polish is totally saturated. It needs to get underneath the glitter in order to pull it off. Finish up with moisturizer so your nails are nourished and ready for next time!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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