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What’s the deal with those body wraps?

Body wraps are promoted everywhere these days.  They are often promoted as a way to detoxify your skin and body, slim down or get rid of cellulite quickly. Most body wrap treatments start out with a scrub to smooth skin and get rid of dead skin cells. After the scrub you rinse off in the shower and then comes the actual wrap.  They smooth on the wrap products in a thin layer. Afterwards, you lay down with an electric blanket over you to make you sweat and then you are cooled down after.

There are a few different types of body wraps and the main types are: moisturizing, detoxing, slimming and cellulite reducing. The moisturizing often uses more lotions. The detox wrap uses ingredients such as seaweed or mud and have a more “pulling” action to rid the body of toxins. The slimming one uses smaller strips of body wrap that are wrapped more tightly. The cellulite reducing wrap uses herbal remedies to help reduce any cellulite on your body.

These treatments are often said to be very relaxing.  However, that may be their only benefit Scientists and doctors say there aren’t isn’t any scientific proof that these body wraps pull out toxins or reduce cellulite in any way. They also are not likely to be slimming. You may see a slimming effect after the wrap is taken off and have more tightness of the skin, but it is temporary water loss. You will not get any real weight loss from having a wrap treatment.

If you decide you want to try a wrap, just be aware that it is more of a relaxing treatment meant to detox the skin.  If you have sensitive skin, be sure to ask about the body wrap’s ingredients and stay away from any that have fragrance. After your wrap session, be sure to drink lots of water. You will probably sweat a lot and you need to replenish the water in your body or you may fall ill.

Have you ever tried a wrap treatment at a spa? Would you ever try one if you haven’t? Tell us about your experiences!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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