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Festive holiday hair accessories you have to have!

Oh, the holidays! This festive time of year is definitely my favorite. Not only are the decorations and the snow a welcome change, but there are plenty of parties to go to! I am always looking for something to jazz up my look, and these holiday parties are a great way to try out new hair accessories and styles! Here are a few festive accessories that are simply must-haves for the season.

Bring back the ’20s!

Vintage jewels and other accessories are always in and a holiday party is a great way to show off that flapper-inspired feather clip or headband! A feathered headband is perfect for those with shorter hair, especially if you really want to bring it back to the 1920’s with style.

Bejeweled clips

These sparkling and fun clips go with any hair style and are the perfect addition to a holiday party outfit. Golds and silvers are the best for this time of year, so bring that metallic shine to your hair! A jeweled clip looks fantastic with hair in an updo or when it’s down, so you can add this to any ensemble.

Glitzy headband

If you are going to party that is a little on the formal side, a glitzy and glittery headband can be the perfect accent for your hair. Not only will it keep your hair out of your face, but the metallic hue will make for a polished look.

Shimmery ponytail holder

That old-fashioned ponytail has never looked so chic when a shimmery jeweled bauble attached. You can still wrap a piece of hair around the elastic and let the jeweled part shine through!

Tie it in a bow!

What better way to wrap up your look than with a bow?! These bows can be attached to headbands or clips, can be jeweled or satin, but one thing’s for sure, they look adorable with any party dress.

Pave hair chain

This slightly different hair accessory clips in and the multi-chains cascade down your hair. When you turn around, this surprising accessory adds a little more drama to your hair than a headband, but isn’t overwhelming.

So, as you pick out that perfect dress your first holiday party, try out one of these festive hair accessories to truly celebrate in style!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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