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How to add volume to your locks

Everyone loves a little volume: it’s sexy, sassy and oh-so-fun. And building up some great volume in your locks actually is far simpler than it seems! See for yourself with these great tips to add volume to your tresses.

The path to voluminous locks starts right in your shower! First, reach for a volumizing shampoo to help give your hair a bit of boost. If your hair has a lot of product buildup, consider shampooing twice. You want your hair to be as residue-free as possible for a great blowout.

Don’t necessarily reach for the conditioner next. In fact, skip it altogether if you can! Conditioner can actually weigh the hair down making it limp and lifeless so if you must, stick to the ends only and by all means, don’t condition your roots.

When you’re blowdrying your hair, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your blowout is fresh and bouncy. First, reach for a great root lifter spray. Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost is a great one to try. It gives your roots an extra lift and will also protect it from heat styling. Next, get to work on drying your hair. Use a large round brush to help create volume. When your hair is almost dry, turn your head and dry upside down for a few minutes. To lift the roots, aim the nozzle at the roots of your hair and pull your hair in the opposite direction. When you flip it back, you’ll notice a nice, healthy lift.

If you’ve done a good job with your blowout chances are, you may not even need any more volume! But if you’re looking for a super voluminous look or working with second-day hair, you can style your way to some extra volume. Once your hair is dry, grab a set of large foam hair rollers and use them to roll the topmost section of your hair. Most gals will only need about four to six rollers for this. Pin the rollers into place and let them set while you do your makeup. When it comes to volume, the bigger the better so reach for a set of rollers that are about 2-inches around. When you’re ready, let the rollers loose and spray the roots with some strong-hold finishing spray.

Of course, if you still need more volume, you can back-comb your hair at the crown. Work in layers with a fine-toothed comb and by spraying with hairspray for each section. Make sure to smooth over the top layer of hair so you don’t end up with a teased and tangled rat’s nest.  Fore an easier option, try a volumizer like the Amplifying Lifting Spray from Keranique. 

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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