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Make these skincare resolutions for 2014


Do you fall victim to skincare pitfalls? When you’re writing your 2014 resolutions, make sure you save room for your skincare resolutions. You’ll want to keep these tricks and tips in mind to keep your skin glowing and healthy in the New Year.

– Lotion up within ten minutes of showering to keep skin hydrated. This is especially helpful in the winter months ahead. Keep your body lotion right outside your shower as a reminder to use when your skin is damp. If you wait past those ten minutes, your skin will lose too much water vapor and lotion may not work as effectively.

– Use SPF daily and everywhere. Don’t just limit your sunscreen use to the summer beach days. Look for non-greasy, sheer or oil-free labels for sunscreen that won’t clog your pores or feel uncomfortable on your skin. Use at least an SPF 30 and reapply often to areas that the sun will shine on. Remember that the sun shines harmful rays on you even when it is cloudy and cold.

– Take off your makeup at night. If you leave it on while you sleep, it will seep into your pores, mixing with your skin’s natural oils and dirt and cause zits. Wash your face as soon as you get home for the night or use makeup remover towelettes when you’re too tired to wash your face.

– See a dermatologist yearly. If you haven’t had a check-up from your skin doctor in a few years, now is the time. Have them check any suspicious moles and go over any skin care issues or concerns. Before you leave the office, make an appointment for next year and ask for a reminder call or email.

– Clean and disinfect your makeup brushes monthly. Makeup and skin oils build up, causing bacteria that can lead to acne and irritation. Wash your tools at least monthly with baby shampoo or liquid hand soap and lukewarm water (not hot which can cause the bristles to fall out). Rinse, reshape and leave out to dry. They also sell brush cleaners at your local beauty supply store and my fave, Sephora.

– Lastly, resolve to shower immediately after you work out.  You want sweat and bacteria to cause b

What are your skincare resolutions for 2014? Share with us and have a Happy New Year!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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