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Is cosmetic tattooing for you?

Have you ever really wanted something until you saw someone else with it, then you were just happy you dodged that bullet? That’s exactly how I feel about makeup tattoos. Whether it was convenience, or just pure laziness, I always considered getting my jacked-up eyebrows filled in with a tattoo to be a good idea. That was until my aunt got hers done a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who look great with makeup tattoos. And although many women get makeup tattoos for the convenience of not having to apply makeup every day, some actually get them as a permanent solution for eyebrow hair loss. Whatever your reason for considering cosmetic tattooing, make sure you’re informed first.

Permanent makeup tattoos are commonly done on the eyebrows (to fill in faint or missing eyebrows), the eyelids (to create permanent eyeliner or eye shadow), and the lips (to give definition to the lip line and reduce lipstick bleed). Don’t get it twisted, makeup tattoos are no different than regular tattoos. A needle is used to insert ink into your skin. Before beginning the tattoo, your tattoo artist will sketch the tattoo on your face to make sure everything looks right, and help you choose the color for your tattoo. Expect to experience swelling and redness once your tattoo is complete. You should also be aware that the pigment of your tattoo will change and possibly several times over a three week period before the permanent shade is revealed.

Initially, the most shocking thing to me about my aunt’s eyebrow tattoos was how fake they looked. I was, irrationally, still expecting them to look like hair. Of course it’s extremely difficult to replicate the natural appearance of hair with a tattoo needle. If you’re used to drawing your eyebrows on with brow pencils, you may be better prepared for the outcome of the tattoo.

Another thing you may want to keep in mind when getting eyebrow tattoos is how your face and brow shape will naturally change as you age. These are concerns you probably won’t need to consider if you’re just getting eyeliner or lip liner tattoos.

Although makeup tattoos are “permanent”, most women will need to get them touched-up about every three years, as they tend to fade over time. Many women also experience swelling and burning sensations around the tattoo area when undergoing an M.R.I., while some others develop keloids, granulomas, blisters, scars, and local infections.

Getting a permanent makeup tattoo doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. Just make sure to do your research beforehand and choose a reputable, safe, and clean place to have your tattoo done. As with any tattoo, removal of a permanent makeup tattoo is painful and expensive.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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