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The best eye shadow shades for your eye color

We are so immersed in social media these days that it is hard to believe that not everyone  buried in their heads in their phones, whilst updating the internet on their exploits, associates and accomplices.  While this happens often… really often, don’t underestimate the value of human interaction. Looking someone in the eyes is still the ideal method of finding truly connecting with someone. What better way to show someone you mean what you say than by drawing their attention to your eyes?! Dramatic eyeliner, gobs of mascara and false eyelashes are the often the used to pull attention to our eyes.  Sometimes that all just gets in the way.

Did you know that like fashion and design, color theory,  helpful in creating makeup looks, too.  There are shades of eye shadow that are complimentary to your eye color,  putting the spotlight right where you want it.  First things first, you may think if you have dark brown eyes that that’s the bottom line, but that’s untrue! Hold up a handheld mirror in the daylight, and check out those flecks of gold, black or green. Pretty, right? That’s what will guide you in choosing your eye shadow colors.

For brown eyes with gold flecks, clay or earthy tones would work well with your color. Think taupe, copper, rust or bronze toned shadows. Rich hazel would be ideal for those of us that are bolder with our shadow choices. If your brown eyes have flecks of green, then purple and reds will accentuate your features more. If all you see is black, run to shadows in shades of light pink, taupe and ivory.   We like the new Naked 3 palette for this job.   Plums, blues and copper will electrify for night time.

For those with green eyes (from eating lots of vegetables, we’re sure), the same rules of complementary flecks apply. Are your green eyes more hazel or emerald? There’s a difference! For those mesmerizing windows to the souls (cheesy, I know), blue isn’t a great color for you unless aided by friendly red, which will give you a little plum effect. Warm browns and tans are your go-to shades. For you, cool colors that look bluish or gray don’t work as well as than warm colors that are more reddish, orange or brown.

For the blue eyed lovelies, you want to gravitate to colors opposite yours on the color wheel. Avoid blue shadows like the plague, they take away from your stunners! Mauve, brown, dark purple, dusty rose, orange, and gold are killer for your eyes.

See, it’s very easy to get someone’s eyes out of their smart phone and into your visually arresting eyes and keep them engaged. Hey, it couldn’t hurt!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing