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Secrets to perfect skin from Hollywood red carpets

We all know celebrities have to look their best. They are constantly being scrutinized by the media, their fans and other celebrities. So that means perfect skin is on the top of their priority list. Here are some tips from Hollywood skin-care experts that will make you look like you belong on the red carpet.

There are two skin woes celebrities can’t have when the lights are flashing: dull or shiny skin. Yup, they are two sides of the same coin .The best way for a non-celeb to get rid of dull skin and get a Hollywood worthy glow is to try an at-home peel. Next, make sure to use a rich moisturizer to lock in the goodness.  I am quite found of the Patricia Mexler Exfoliating Glyco Peel.

If you suffer from oily and shiny skin, you may want to try using more oil.  ( GASP!!!) This sounds crazy, but using harsh cleansers and oil-free matte moisturizers can make your face overproduce oil and lead to even more shininess. If you are prone to mid-day shine, always keep blotting papers in your purse to remove excess oil without taking off your makeup. Try moisturizing with a peas sized amount of 100& percent coconut oil in the evening before bed.

Celebs absolutely cringe at eve the thought of a  zit. Celeb dermatologists recommend this fix for a last minute acne problem. Combine aspirin and water to make a paste and apply directly to breakouts. If you have time before a big event, some celebs get cortisone shot from your derm  to relieve any acne issues. If you suffer from acne other areas than your face, such as bacne, try applying benzoyl peroxide twice daily to treat. Miracle Skin Transformer Acne Control is also a great treatment for those sudden breakouts.  It is also effective for bacne as it comes in translucent as well.

If you’re into partying like a rockstar , you may need to cover up those dark circles the next day. Leading ladies and songstresses alike swear by lymphatic drainage, which is light massage on the under eye area to promote oxygenation and hydration. If you need to cover up those dark circles right now, dab on a concealer that has a brightener in it. If you also have puffy eyes, try a de-puffing eye gel with caffeine, or one with cucumber or chamomile. If you frequently wake up with puffy eyes, the fix could be as simple as sleeping on an extra pillow to prevent fluid from sitting under the eyes.  If you’re a cosmetic junky, we recommend Instant Lift Pads from Hydroxatone.  Place them under your eyes for 10-15 minutes and POW!  You’ll look like you’ve had days of beauty sleep.

How do celebs cover of those lines and wrinkles for big events?  Celebrity makeup artists usually to start with a primer that can fill lines before you apply makeup.  If there are apparent acne scars it takes a bit more than a bit of Mac concealer to cover that up.  If time permits, visit your dermatologist a month before your big event and ask about fillers to fix your scars. It may take a few weeks and several visits to completely rid your skin of the scar. Hey, celebs always know when award season is coming and they are always prepared.

Two other skincare problems celebs worry about are cellulite and sweating. Even the thinnest people can have cellulite problems in certain areas, mainly the thighs or buttocks. A great celeb secret to ridding your skin of these nasty bumps: a rolling pin! Use a cellulite reducing firming cream and roll your problem areas with a rolling pin to reduce the appearance of cellulite..

Do you try any of these Hollywood skin care secrets or do you plan to? I am definitely intrigued by the rolling pin idea for cellulite! 


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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