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Spring clean your beauty routine

This winter has been rough and I bet you’re ready for sunshine and warmth. As March and spring approach, now is the time to take a look at your skin care and beauty routine and do some much needed spring cleaning. Get ready to clean out your products, switch up your routine and simply pamper yourself. You deserve it after a long, brutal winter!

First, do some spring cleaning with your makeup and skin care products. Now is the time to take stock of what you have, throw away any really old products or give away products you never use or have caused you skin issues in the past. Think of any products you tried once but made you break out. Do you really need to keep it? No way. A friend with less sensitive skin will thank you. Spring cleaning your makeup drawer is really important too. The most important product to take a look at is your mascara and any other eye products. Mascara should only be used for about three months because the eye area is so sensitive and old mascara can become contaminated. Toss any old, clumpy mascara. Next, clean off your lipsticks, especially ones that haven’t been used in a while. Wipe them with an alcohol wipe to remove bacteria. If you have lip and eye liner pencils, any bacteria can be easily removed by simply sharpening them. Eye shadows and powders last much longer, but keep in mind you need to toss them if they change in color or gain a funny smell.

Use spring cleaning as a way to break out of a makeup rut. Visit a beauty counter to learn more about what colors you should use for spring time and your specific skin color and type. You may want to try more bright colors or simply upgrade your products. You’ll feel like a whole new person!

Next, change your skin care routine from winter to spring in a few easy steps. Start with your cleansing routine and see if the weather changes have affected your skin. In the winter, your skin may have gotten extra dry. Now that more moisture is in the air, you may have more issues with oil and want to change your cleanser. Remember that if your skin feels tight your cleanser is too drying. Then, swap your rich and heavy moisturizers for a light cream, gel or serum and don’t forget to apply more SPF as you spend more time outdoors.  If you don’t like applying sunscreen daily, make sure your daily moisturizer contains at least SPF 15 that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays to protect your skin effectively as you spend more time outdoors. Hats are also great for shielding the sun from your face and don’t forget to apply SPF to your entire body whenever you spend time in the sun, even when it seems cloudy.

If your skin is changing due to the changing seasons and you are not sure what to do, now is a great time to book a facial. Your esthetician can address any questions or problems you are encountering and give you a recommendation on what type of products to use. They will also give your face a new glow and have you feeling more ready for spring than ever! Your facial can get rid of the dead skin cells and dull skin you may have accumulated over the dark winter months.

What ways do you spring clean your skin care and makeup routine? Share with us your tried and true tips!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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