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Want the perfect haircut? Well, what shape is your face?

We all have different face shapes from round to oval, square to heart or long. Depending on your face shape, there are hair styles and haircuts that will look the most flattering on you. Not sure of what style to pick or need a new do? Try looking for a haircut that will flatter your facial shape. It will make you look more youthful, brighter and more polished! Check out these suggestions on what to look for in a hairstyle depending on your face shape and some hints on what the different types look like if you’re not sure what kind of face shape you have.

If you have a long or oval face (large forehead, long and narrow face shape), you may want to avoid long hair as it will just make your face look longer and drag you down. Try blunt bangs to break up the length of your face too.

If you have a square face (strong angular jaw) textured hair looks great on you. Try a curly hairstyle or choppy ends haircut. A soft bob will look great on you – think soft and sweet to break up the harshness of your facial shape. Wavy ends also help to soften the face and make your jaw less harsh looking.

Heart-shaped faces (pointy chins) look best with a bob that stops around your jaw to soften it or long hair with side swept bangs to emphasize the eyes. Keep fullness or waviness towards the bottom of your hair instead of the top of your head, which would only emphasize the shape and pointiness of your chin.

Round faces tend to look better with asymmetrical haircuts and lots of layers. Long side-swept bangs will make your face look thinner. If you want a center part, have a haircut with lots of layers. One length may make your face appear rounder. If you go for a shorter haircut, try a layered bob or defined pixie. Pixie haircuts look excellent on those with round faces.

Once you figure out your face shape, it will be easier to search for a hairstyle that will compliment your face and make you look as beautiful as you can be. Talk to your hairstylist too, who should be well trained in finding a haircut that will look best on you and your face shape.

What face shape do you have? Does your hair style compliment it? Have you ever gotten a bad haircut that didn’t compliment your face shape?


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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