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Your winter waxing guide

After over-indulging during the holiday festivities and setting new year’s resolutions many of us are focused on getting our bodies into their best, most healthy conditions at the end of the winter season. Though sticking with your sit-ups may top your to-do list, one regimen you might not think you should maintain while covered up during the colder months is waxing. However, if you prefer waxing as a hair removal method, it is crucial to keep up with your regular waxing routine even if you’re in hibernation mode.

Below are a few winter tips from Noemi Grupenmager, skincare expert and CEO/Founder of Uni K Wax Center on how to maintain your skin’s healthy glow into swimsuit season by incorporating wax:

1. The cold weather is harder on the skin than warmer weather. In the colder months, skin is dry and without exfoliation, so no amount of moisturizer will bring your skin back to being soft and smooth. Waxing with a gentle elastic wax will exfoliate your skin and remove the dead cells, then when an all-natural moisturizer is applied, your skin will quickly benefit from the hydration, looking and feeling healthy once again.

2. To keep skin looking healthy and nourished, maintain regular visits to a waxing center, and when possible, opt for all-natural elastic wax – this type of wax moisturizes when it’s applied and gently removes your hair. The natural ingredients in the wax penetrate to the lower levels of your skin cells and when the wax is removed, its soothing all-natural body lotion moisturizes the top layer of your skin cells. The result is a longer-lasting, healthy glow and hydrated skin.

3. Keep waxing all the parts of your body that you do in the warmer months to reap the long-term beneficial effects of continuous waxing for your skin. Besides, you just don’t know when that little black dress may be required for a last-minute party and knowing that your skin is in top condition allows you to step out with confidence.

4. The winter is the perfect time to shape the hair most people see while the rest of your skin is covered up under layers. Having your eyebrows waxed in an attractive shape during winter is one of the best ways to look awake and refreshed during the colder season as your eyebrows are the one feature everyone sees and can create symmetry instantly.

5. Keep the benefits of waxing your body through winter by skipping shaving. When you shave, you reverse all the good work that being waxed has done. Shaving encourages your hair to grow thicker whereas waxing weakens the hair follicle, making it easier to remove and ensure hair grows back less frequently.

6. Planning to visit Florida or the Caribbean this winter to have fun in the sun? Visit your favorite wax center before you go to make sure your bikini wax is well suited to your swimsuit. Ensure your bikini wax is at a center that provides the best in personal care for you and your skin. Your technician should give you a personal cleansing wipe before your treatment. After the wax is removed, prevent ingrown hairs by applying an individual cold pack to close the pores quickly and reduce the ability for bacteria to enter your skin. A soothing all-natural bikini gel should be applied to keep your skin soft.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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