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5 tips to keep your extensions looking gorgeous

If you are in the market for hair extensions, first you need to learn how to care for them. Taking care of hair extensions is an ongoing process if you want them to last and look amazing. Here are some tips on hair extension maintenance so you can decide if it’s worth the money, time and effort before you go all “long hair, don’t care”.

1. Get a good soft bristle brush or Looper brush and brush daily. You will need to start at the bottom, being very careful to untangle any knots. Never pull on the hair, as it could break and turn frizzy and damaged. Then move on to the top sections. Brushing your extensions is your number one priority for regular upkeep.

2. While you won’t need to wash them every day because they don’t get as dirty as natural hair, you do need to wash them to keep them looking gorgeous. Brush and detangle first and shampoo very slowly, using a downward motion while shampooing and rinsing to prevent tangling. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush the wet extensions. If you want to use a conditioner, go for a spray leave-in conditioner. Spray and brush again in a downward motion.

3. Let them dry naturally. Excess heat and styling will cause them to tangle, break and look dull faster. If you do insist on blow drying because you’re short on time, use the lowest heat setting possible to dry the bonds and surrounding hair extensions first then dry and style the rest of your hair.

4. If you have clip-in extensions and need to store them when you’re not wearing them, make sure they are clean, dry and detangled before storing. You will need to store them in an airtight container somewhere that is dry and cool. Make sure the container is big enough so it won’t get tangled in the box.

5. Be aware of your extensions when you exercise. If you have to put them back to work out, try a low ponytail that will minimize how much sweat gets in your extensions. If you go swimming, wear a swim cap to ensure chlorine doesn’t damage your beautiful long locks or get your hair extremely tangled

Remember ask your hair stylist any questions. They will give you specific care tips based on the type of hair extensions you have.

Do you have hair extensions? What are the best ways you care for them?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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