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Cure your hungover skin

No matter how healthy you are, if you are an occasional drinker or have a big night to celebrate, it is easy to have just one too many drinks. Not only does alcohol affect your body and mind, it greatly affects your skin. The day after you party, you might wake up with tired, dull and dry skin with lovely dark circles and puffy eyes. So how do you heal your skin so you can re-enter the world without looking like a zombie? Here are some tried and true tips to heal skin that has a hangover.

1. Try to avoid going to sleep without cleansing your face. Yet, it is easy to pass out in what you’re wearing and makeup caked on your face, so if you do so, make sure to cleanse thoroughly as soon as you wake up. Use makeup remover an exfoliating scrub to rejuvenate your skin.

2. Your skin will most likely be very dehydrated from drinking too much alcohol and not enough water. Drink extra water to hydrate your skin and body. After you cleanse and preferably exfoliate your face, be sure to use a good hydrating cream. Reapply up to 3 times during the day if needed.

3.0Your eyes might be crying for attention the next day after partying! Give them some love by soaking some chamomile tea bags and cucumbers and putting them in the fridge. Once cool, place on your eyes for 10-15 minutes to help reduce puffiness. Also massage under your eyes with a good eye cream or de-puffing serum.

4. If your eyes are bloodshot or irritated, perhaps from sleeping in contacts, give your eyes a rest by wearing glasses for the day or using eye drops before you face the world.

5. Use the steam then cool method. Place a hot washcloth over your face, then apply a toner, and then seal with a good moisturizer followed by a cold washcloth. This will help your skin recover faster and look like you never partied at all.
Next time you party a little too hard and your skin is taking a hit, try these tips to recover as fast as possible. Remember: Drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage consumed will decrease your chances of being hung over.

Do you have any tips for recovering your skin when you are hung over?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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