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How to: DIY Brazilian Wax

With the itty bitty bikinis donned on the beaches of Rio, a Brazilian wax is a South American necessity that has become a North American trend, even in beach-less cities. Enduring a process where the hair down there is completely removed from front to back and everywhere in between offers benefits beyond being ready for virtually any type of swimwear. Brazilian waxing prevents razor burn, nicks and stubble often associated with bikini shaving by using hard wax to lift the hair from the root. There’s a reason this salon procedure in your most sensitive parts is pricey.   If you dare to do it on your own with an at-home Brazilian Waxing Kit, enlist the help of your most trusted friend or a use a stand-up makeup mirror to help you apply wax with precision.

1.       Exfoliate your bikini-area skin 24 hours before waxing.

2.       Cut  your pubic hair to a 1/4-inch length using small scissors or an electric personal trimmer. This is the ideal length so the wax will fully adhere to the strands of hair to remove them completely from the root without breakage.

3.       Heat the hard wax from the kit according to the manufacturer’s directions, typically in the microwave, a double boiler or an electric wax warming unit.

4.       Arrange a towel on the area where you will be working, and place the container of warm wax within reach. Remove your lower-body clothing, including your undergarments, and lie down on your back.

5.       Saturate a cotton ball with witch hazel and run it over the area to be waxed to disinfect it. Allow the area to dry completely before applying wax.

6.       Stir the wax with the kit’s spatula. Rotate the spatula with your wrist as you pick up a small portion of wax to avoid drips. Apply a small amount of the wax to your wrist to test the temperature; it should be waxed, warm to the touch but not too hot.

7.       Apply a thick layer of warmed wax to a small area using the spatula, distributing it in the same direction of the hair growth using your mirror to guide you as needed.

8.      Allow the wax to cool until it is no longer tacky, but still pliable — usually 15 to 30 seconds.

9.       Secure the skin next to the waxed area taut as you lift up the edge of the wax and remove it from the skin quickly, pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Do not pull the wax straight up as it can cause breakage, which leads to ingrown hairs. “The hardest part about waxing at home is a lot of people are not able to get the leverage to pull the strip themselves,” warns celebrity waxing professional and creator of Stript Wax Bar, Katherine Schimmel. Tapping or applying gentle pressure right after removing the wax will help alleviate the stinging sensation.

10.   Repeat the waxing process with the rest of your pubic hair, waxing small sections at each time. Dr. Debra Jaliman and author of “Skin Rules” suggests using small tweezers to pull any straggling hairs post-wax.

11.   Remove excess wax and soothe stinging skin by using the post-wax wipes included in your kit to gently wipe the areas waxed. Apply a thin coat of aloe vera gel to soothe skin after waxing.

Quick Tip: To prevent pain, apply a topical numbing agent available at a beauty supply store. As a last resort Schimmel says rubbing an ice cube over your bikini area before waxing will help numb it somewhat.

Happy Waxing!  Tell us how it goes in the comments.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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