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Quick solutions to 5 common hair problems

You wake up one day and suddenly realize “I’m not just having a bad hair day, it’s more like a bad hair month!” You’re not sure when your hair made the turn and started misbehaving so badly, but you do know it can be better than this! It’s not always obvious as to what went wrong to result in less than gorgeous hair, but the good news is most hair problems are easily fixed. Identify the cause behind your hair problem and a quick fix is all you’ll need!

Brittle Hair

    • Brittle hair that has a crunchy feel to it is often the result of chlorine buildup or over-processing. But, too much sun exposure and excess heat can also leave this type of damage.Use hair products with an SPF factor.
    • Wet hair down before entering the pool to keep it from absorbing excess chlorine and apply conditioner.
        Wear a bathing cap.

      • Regular swimmers should use a shampoo formulated to remove chlorine after swimming.
      • Use sulfate free moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and a clarifying shampoo if needed.
      • Condition regularly.
      • Deep condition 2 to 4 times a month.
      • Use a thermal heat protectant.

Frizzy Hair

Whether your frizzy hair is hereditary, self induced from over-processing or caused simply from excess humidity, these solutions can treat it quickly:

      • Before going outside into high humidity, make sure your hair is totally dry.
      • Shampoo less often; every 3 to 5 days or when needed.
      • Rinse hair in-between shampoos and always follow with a conditioner.
      • Allow hair to air dry as often as possible.
      • Deep condition regularly.
      • Use a bit of gel mixed with a leave-in conditioner and scrunch into towel dried hair.
      • Use quality curl rejuvenating products, such as Ouidad’s, for smoother curl definition.

Flat, Lifeless Hair

If your hair has seen better days but now lacks the body and fullness it once had, take a good look at your hair care routine. Product buildup or products that are too heavy for your hair are often the culprit.

      • Over-conditioning or using a conditioner that’s too heavy for your hair type weighs down the hair. Change to a lighter conditioner and condition less often.
      • Use a clarifying shampoo 2 to 4 times monthly to rid hair of product buildup.
      • Switch to a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
      • Blow-dry using a root lifter and a round brush.

Static Hair

Winter dry forced-air is the major perpetrator for uncontrollable fly-away’s and you never know where or when you’ll find your hair standing on end. The best defense is often a good offense, so be prepared with these quick remedies:

      • Keep hair well-hydrated.
      • Let hair dry naturally whenever possible.
      • Leave hair slightly damp when blow-drying.
      • Brush less- finger comb more.
      • Carry a purse size leave-in conditioner. Dampen hands and apply lightly on ends.
      • A quick swipe of “Bounce” over the top of hair helps reduce unruly fly-aways.
      • Comb a non-aerosol hairspray through the hair.
      • Hair oil’s and pomades help hold static at bay.
      • Body lotion is made similarly to hair conditioners and work well in a pinch.

Dull Dry Hair

      • Dry, dull hair can result from any number of faux-paus such as; heat damage, over-processing from straighteners, perms, relaxers or hair color, sun exposure, chlorine or salt water. Dry hair needs lots of hydration and a little TLC.Remember the 3 C’s – condition, condition, condition.
      • Use a clarifying shampoo 2 to 4 times monthly.
      • Deep condition after using a clarifier for deeper hydration.
      • Use less heat.
      • Protect against heat damage with a thermal protectant product.
      • Shampoo less.
      • Wet hair down between shampoos and follow with a conditioner.
      • Rinse hair in cool water to close the cuticle and add shine.
      • Use a quality hair oil (argan oil, coconut oil) for added shine.

Keeping you hair in tip-top, healthy condition takes a little extra time each week but the results are worth every minute of it, so if you’re looking for that head turning hair just follow these easy tips.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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