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Get the most out of your summer makeup

Some beauty trends come with hidden benefits you might have never thought of. Next time you’re at Ulta, be on the lookout for these beauty trends to try to get the look you desire. Learn how to look more youthful by changing up your eyebrows, make yourself appear well rested with pastel eye shadows and dark winged liner and make lips appear plump and gorgeous with a bright pop of color.

A trend that came and stayed put– big, thick brows. The benefit: a more youthful look. Some makeup artists say that thick brows show you are healthy and vital and thin brows are “older looking”.

To get the big brow look try these tricks: Use two brow pencils. Have one that matches your hair color and one that is a little bit darker. The one that matches is for the front of the brow and the slightly darker one is for the arch and the tail of the brow. Draw in little upward strokes for a more natural look and make sure the inner two-thirds is the thickest part. You might need a brow cream on the top of the pencil if you have very sparse brows. If you are unsure how to do your brows, visit the makeup counter at your local department store.  A makeup artist will usually be happy to assist you

I know you’ve been seeing winged eyeliner all over.  Winged liner which make your eyes lifted and more awake. If you’re constantly tired-looking, a wing at the outer corner can give the eyes a nice lift and make you look like you got eight hours of sleep.

To apply correctly, you’ll need an ultra-fine-tipped liquid liner in a black, dark brown or dark blue shade. Start with the wing and match the length to the outermost lash length and work your way backwards. You’ll want to make the line thinner as you move inward so it has a winged-out look. It may take some practice, but if you do, you’ll have an amazing new look in no time that is great for work and going out!

Pastel eye shadow is another great spring trend that can give you larger and brighter eyes. Look for a pastel palette of eye shadows like Bobbi Brown’s Pastel Brights Eyey Palette. Pastel blue and lilac make eye whites look brighter,while pale peach is great for blue eyes and mint or light green can bring out the green flecks in hazel eyes. Look for colors with a hint of shimmer and make sure to brush on a fresh colored shadow first to avoid ashiness. Avoid pale pink, which can make eyes look tired and give you the opposite effect you’re going for. Then, top it off with black mascara to make your eyes really pop.

Lastly, bold colored lipstick will make you lips  appear plumper. This is especially helpful if you have very thin lips and don’t want to use any lip plumping products. Bring color to small or thin lips shades like MAC Morange or Rose Hip from Milani . Nudes or light colors can just make your lips appear even thinner and smaller. So don’t be afraid of brights! Look for bold but not dark shades, such as coral or bright pinks. If you are a little shy with wearing bright lipstick, put some on your finger first and pat on gently. You’ll get the color without it being too bold.

Have you ever used one of these beauty trends and saw the benefits? Which of these are you now dying to try? Share with us!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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