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Make your eyes POP with these complementary eye shadow shades

Make your eyes POP with these complementary eye shadow shades

Just like colors in your home complement each other, colors in your makeup can complement your natural skin tone or eye color. Different eye shadows can either enhance or bring down your natural eye color. Learn which colors or tones work best with your eye color and look fabulous!

If you have beautiful blue eyes, they are easily the most manipulated by shadow shade. You can often change the appearance of your eye color to gray, vivid blue or icy blue with the right eye shadow choice. Purple and lavender are best for blue eyes. These colors will give you a true gray/blue tone. If you want your blue eyes to be electric blue, go for rust colored shadows, teal gray and a little neutral brown.

If you have mysterious greens, yellow is best for you. Go for a mustard or peach shade to give your green eyes a new brightness. Golds are also a great choice and dark chocolate shadows give great intensity.

What about those pretty brown eyes?  Warm browns complement them well, as well as jewel tones such as burgundy. If you want a dramatic eye, go for rich navy or midnight blues.

For those with hot hazel eyes, your eyes may change color often so you have the best range of colors to work with. If you want to pick up the green flecks in your eyes, try a purple shade. If you want to make your eyes appear more light brown, use more yellows, browns and grays. Your best colors are dusty pink, burgundy and deep purple.

If you are unsure what tones or brands to buy that are best for you, ask at your local beauty supply store. My face beauty spot is Ulta. They have so many options and experienced workers that can help you find the right palette for you. They may also let you try the colors before you buy and return if you decide later the colors don’t work for you. Play around with new colors you haven’t tried before! Remember that more neutral shades work best for day and you can experiment with more dramatic or darker shades for night.

What color eyes do you have? What is your favorite go-to eye shadow color? Will you try any of these colors to enhance your natural eye color?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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