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What’s the deal with laser hair removal?

Removing unwanted hair day after day is a pain. You may have thought about laser hair removal before but have been hesitant due to the cost and perhaps the pain of actually trying it. Are you even a good candidate for laser hair removal? There are certain skin and hair types that work better with laser hair removal than others. Lasers work best on people with dark hair and light skin. If you have dark skin or light hair, you may not get the results you desire, even with the newer technologies. These new devices that treat lighter hair are only about half as effective. If you have dark or tanned skin, lasers can often cause discoloration of skin, so be aware.

So how does laser hair removal work and how long does it take to be effective? Lasers are pulsed light that is used to target and destroy the dark pigments in hair. This is why it doesn’t work as well on light hair and can cause discoloration on dark skin. Hair grows in three phases: growing, resting and shedding. The laser targets hair in the growth phase to remove it. Your hair should fall out in 10-14 days.  You’ll likely need 4-6 treatments with the laser, spaced 4 weeks apart. You may need to go back every year for maintenance to keep yourself hair free.

What areas can you treat? You can use laser hair removal on your legs, arms, back, shoulders, chest, upper lip, chin and bikini area. If you decide to try laser hair removal, remember it is not guaranteed and it works better on some people than others. Some people may never have to shave again, while others may experience regrowth after a period of time.

You might want to take a few pain pills before your session or use a numbing cream. It will feel like a rubber band popping against your skin when the laser is being used. Some areas will hurt more than others.

If you are worried about the cost (some laser hair removal treatments can cost up to $2,000), check out Groupon or other coupon sites for deals. But make sure they are reputable before you buy.

Have you ever tried laser hair removal? What was your experience?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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