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Heat Protectant: 101

The busyness of life can cause us to take things for granted, but the hair can’t be one of these things. Taking care of your hair, and making sure it is healthy, regardless of your styling regime is necessary.

Why do we need a heat protectant?

Hair takes a major beating, no matter then length, texture or thickness. Anytime you apply any heat whatsoever, you are doing some kind of damage to your hair. Heat protectants simply help to minimize the damage done by these heated tools by adding moisture to the hair and preventing the hair’s natural moisture from evaporating. Heat protectants make a protective barrier that will cause your hair to keep its natural moisture and shine, regardless of the styling tools and products that you use on it.

Men’s hair is usually shorter, so the heat is more concentrated when using a heated tool, so guys especially need protection from the heat. Heat protectants make a considerable and extremely noticeable difference in the health of a guy’s hair. When the hair is damaged, it is more likely to be prone to brittleness and breakage. Using a heat protectant will prevent unwanted hair loss in men.

Who needs a heat protectant?

Even though you may only use a hair dryer on your hair, you still need a heat protectant. Just because it isn’t an iron with heated plates that are put directly on your hair, the hot air in a blow dryer will still cause damage to the hair cuticle. Any time you use a straightener on your hair, you are doing extreme damage.

The sun and living in a hot climate will also cause damage to the hair, so anytime you are outside without some kind of protection for your hair, you are most likely causing some damage from the heat in the environment. Sometimes it is difficult to see that there is damage to the hair, but all heat causes damage. It is better to prevent this heat related damage than to suffer the consequences of dry brittle hair.

How to apply a heat protectant

After shampooing your hair, towel dry first, to remove most of the excess water, cutting down on the time under the blow dryer. Comb out the damp hair and divide it up in to small sections before applying the heat protectant product. While holding the bottle about 10 inches away from the head, spray the hair all over, making sure it adequately reaches each section of hair. Let the product sit for a few minutes. After the heat protectant has been on the hair for several minutes, it is safe to use a heated tool such as a hair dryer or straightener.

Healthy ingredients to look for in a heat protectant

Coconut oil, olive oil, argon oil and obliphica berry oil are popular ingredients in heat protectants that are nourishing to the hair and will protect and condition it at the same time. These particular ingredients are better in that they help the hair to dry faster and keep it soft, regardless of the heat. Anti-frizz and anti-humidity properties are helpful for women who try to keep their hair styled and looking good all day long.

There are heat protectants on the market that are especially for dry hair, damaged hair and fine, thin hair. Most brand are contain different ingredients, but finding one that will be extremely beneficial for your hair type will give even better protection for your hair.

Other ways to prevent damage to the hair

Heat protectants are always useful, but in addition to using one of these products, there are several things that you can do to prevent damage to you hair. Protect your hair and scalp from the sun and heat by wearing a hat. Try to do as little heat styling as possible by giving your hair a break on the weekends. Even though it may take longer to dry, try to use a cool setting on the blow dryer when drying your hair, as this will help the cuticle to be shiny and look healthier. If possible, allow your hair to dry naturally without the blow dryer.

From now on, try to take preventative measures to keep your hair in its best shape possible. This will not only make your hair look and feel better, but it will help it to last longer as well.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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