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Incredibly fun hair accessories for every woman

You know what they say; “Girls just wanna have fun.” Okay, that was Cyndi Lauper, but one thing for sure is she never skimped on fun when it came to her hair. Accessories have the ability to transform any hairstyle — just the right band across the forehead can turn a frilly frock into a funky statement piece. Try out some of these incredibly fun hair accessories to make any overplayed outfit look like a fresh new hit!

Filch The Flapper Style

Maybe the recent movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby is to blame but flapper style from the 1920’s is all the rage, which means a plethora of extravagant and flamboyant hairpieces at our disposal. The days of Prohibition are famous for the days of fashion that’s bejeweled, sequined, feathered, and fringed. This is perfect for vintage buffs and for ladies who squeal going through their Grandmother’s closets looking for clothes to match their cat eye glasses and saddle shoes. Search for feathered clips and hats, sequined headbands and jeweled barrettes. Even high end designers are borrowing cues from the roaring 20’s and incorporating feathers into their designs. Let this fashion take flight in your style!

Flowers For Every Season

It’s getting colder outside but that doesn’t mean that you have to let the flowers wilt with the season. Hippie chic at its most elegant, a crown made of flowers means nature and innocence. Whether you’re Mother Earth plucking dandelions in a field or Ke$ha with a string of peonies the size of your head, there’s a floral crown for everyone. Let it be known that you’re a garden goddess (or just incredibly fashion forward) with a flowered headband.

Feline is Feminine

If you think cat ears are just for Halloween costumes, think again. A headband with pointy ears on top is a quirky addition to your wardrobe whether it’s for just hanging out at the mall, or an unconventional choice in place of a tiara at a dressy event. Feline is evocative of the feminine . . . . and the ferocious. Think Catwoman in all her sexiness and prowess, but it also goes without saying that no one can deny the cuteness that kittens exude too. Cat ears let you work both sides of that coin. Many celebrities have been spotted donning this feline fashion: British model Poppy Delevingne, pop star Katy Perry . . . and Taylor Swift, famously in her music video “22”. Try one like Taylor Swift’s and add a little “meow” to your makeover.

Bows, Not Just For Baby Dolls

Remember when you were younger and your mother would fasten bows at the end of your pigtail braids? Bows have evolved since then from the playground to a fun fashion trend for any age. Whether they are brightly colored, floral, polka dotted, striped, or lace, adding a bow to your hair makes any look just a bit more feminine, flirty, or romantic. Big or small, find them in vibrant hues to make your style pop! A little bow packs a big punch, especially when fastened to a high ponytail!

Consider adding any of these incredibly fun hair accessories to make a memorable fashion statement!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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