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Skincare for sensitive skin

If your skin often breaks out or gets irritated from new products, likely you have  sensitive skin. Sensitive skin needs to be pampered. Only use products that help heal and won’t irritate your skin. Here are some tips on what to  to avoid common irritants and keep your skin healthy.

When buying a new product, opt for products that are made for people with sensitive skin. Next, always test a product first before applying it all over. Try testing a small patch of skin, such as the skin behind your ear, with a small amount of product. Then wait at least 24 hours for any signs of redness, irritation, itchiness or burning. Most likely, any irritation will occur right away, but if nothing happens after 24 hours, you’re probably in the clear to use the product safely. Watch out for the “hypoallergenic” label. You might automatically think this means it’s great for your sensitive skin, but it might just be marketing hype. Be sure to still test before you use.

Always read labels when buying new skincare products. As you age, you might notice different products irritating your skin and start to see a pattern with the ingredients and know which ones irritate your skin. Look for these products and other things such as fragrances and paraben preservatives that often irritate sensitive skin. Dermatologists recommend using products that contain less than 10 ingredients for those with sensitive skin because it is less likely to irritate. Going along with shopping for skincare products, be selective with your cosmetics as well.

Try using a mineral powder or silicone based foundation because these often contain fewer ingredients that aggravate skin. Make sure you test cosmetics before you use them as well and toss old ones that can become contaminated over time. If you have sensitive skin, don’t forget to moisturize! Moisturize daily and nightly to protect skin and maintain a healthy barrier from environmental factors that can irritate skin. Also remember to use SPF 30 to protect your skin because sensitive skin is more likely to burn from the sun. Lastly, remember that less is more. You probably don’t need tons of fancy products, just a simple cleanser and moisturizer to maintain a healthy glow.

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you need to use specific products to ensure your skin doesn’t break out or become irritated? Tell us your story!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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