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Summer 2014 Hair Color Trends

Is your hair color looking dull and old? Then you’re not ready for the season to change! You can update your look instantly with one of these fabulous new hair color ideas. A small hair color change can make you feel brand new this summer!

Platinum Blonde

If you’re a natural blonde you’re already turning heads, but if you want a color-lift and  not afraid of being the center of attention, think platinum blonde. Platinum blonde hair color looks best on those with fair to medium complexions. Itís an ultra-feminine look and totally hot for summer 2014! Depending on your choice of hairstyle, it can look classy, edgy, trendy or ultra high fashion this summer.

It’s not such a stretch for natural blondes to achieve platinum, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy DIY project. Getting your hair to platinum is a two-step process; bleaching and toning. The hair is bleached to its lightest color possible followed by a toner (hair color with a low volume developer.) Some may be able to skip the toning step, but most require it for a better end result. This ultra-high lifting process can result in serious breakage when left on too long, or if the hair isnít healthy enough to withstand the process. Trust me; see a professional hair colorist too get this stunning color and keep your hair vibrant and healthy.


This color tops out on the hot hair color trending for 2014 list. It’s popular because itís a hue that flatters all skin tones. Itís not a new hair color and itís most popular devotee has to be Jennifer Aniston. But others like Gisele Bundchen and Julia Roberts are also fans of the look. Bronde is the combination of brown and blonde hues that are altered to suit you best. Another big plus; this color helps hide the grays and keeps touch-ups to a minimum.


Brown hair is anything but boring this year. Deep chocolate brown and chestnut brown color is worn as a solid (monochromatic) color, or with highlights. Warm golden highlights work best with medium to dark skin tones and cool highlights flatter light to medium skin tones. Warmer brunettes choose golden or caramel hues for added dimension. The placement of dimensional color can be subtle or not. Peek-a-boo highlights are placed underneath, rather than on top of the hair, which gives you a variety of ways to wear color and allows for a longer time between touch ups. Brunettes look richer with dimensional highlights. Depth and shine are key to fabulous brunette hair colors, so no flat, dry or dull looking hair!

Softer Ombre

Ombre hair hasnít gone anywhere; it just keeps altering enough to keep it alive and interesting. I like its latest modification with the gradual change of color from roots to ends. Itís a much softer, natural look of color gradation that more women are likely to give a go. Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are sporting the softer ombre color . . . and they look fabulous! If you’re thinking of going with ombre you’re likely to find the article Ombre! What is it, and is it right for you? useful.


The reds this year are daring, bright and bold and there is a shade for everyone. Bright fiery reds are a head turner and look best on fair to medium skin tones. Auburn hair flatters all skin tones with the appropriate mixture of warm or cool red and brown hues. Warm red and brown tones suit those with warm skin tones, and cool red and brown tones suit those with cool skin tones. Rose gold is a new trend that is a pinky strawberry blonde hue that is either balayaged onto blonde hair (painted on pieces) or put on throughout the entire hair. This color can look stunning but it can also be difficult to keep fresh looking, as it fades easily and can look unkempt.

What do women with fabulous looking hair color have in common? They keep healthy with diet and exercise and they take extra care of their locks with gentle cleansers, conditioning treatments and protection from over use of heat.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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