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10 Steps to Achieving Flawless Wedding Makeup


With the official wedding season quickly approaching, brides everywhere are thinking about having a flawless day. Let’s face it: wedding planning is stressful enough without worrying about your wedding day makeup.  This guide will help you put your best face forward even if you decide to hire a professional (which is my first suggestion).


  1. Leave it to the pros– Hire a professional!  A referral is always the best way to hire a makeup artist (maybe a friend that was recently married). You can also ask another glam squad professional that you trust such as your hair or nail stylist. Lastly you can also ask the photographer you’re using if he has someone he normally works with.
  2. Know what you want– Start looking at magazines and clipping pictures. Maybe you like Jennifer Lopez’s flawless skin, and Beyonce’s high arched brow. Either way, clip or take notes. This tip will work even if you do your own makeup; also YouTube offers valuable tips on makeup application. Be sure to explain to your bride’s maids the direction you would like their makeup to be also. The worst thing for your pictures is a bright green eye shadow not properly applied. If possible purchase the same color (but different) tones of lipstick for all of your bride’s maids.
  3. Glowing skin from within– Flawless glowing skin starts from within. Make sure, prior to your wedding (and for the rest of your life), you drink 8 or more glasses of water and take EFAs (essential fatty acids).
  4. Get a facial- This is an important step that should be done about a week prior. It helps the skin glow and allows makeup to stay on all day even if you do step 5.
  5. Foundation Primer- This will make your foundation stay on all day, even if you decide to get a facial.
  6. Airbrush foundation– Since you’re going to be taking tons of pictures at your wedding, you want foundation that will stay on and last. If you hire a professional, ask if they air brush. If not I would suggest this one by Temptu. It’s a complete bridal kit and easy enough to teach yourself. You’ll love the finish so much you might want to use it every day.
  7. Eye shadow– Whether you’re a natural girl or like the drama, play up your eyes the way that fits your style. Just don’t forget to blend!
  8. Water proof mascara– This is important, because I’m sure at some point you will cry.
  9. Soft Blush– Make sure your blush is very soft! It’s the one element that can ruin a face if it’s applied to heavily. A nice bronzer is also great.
  10. Lipstick that lasts– If you do hire a makeup artist make sure you use a lipstick that you pick out (so you will have it in case you need to touch up). Line your entire mouth with a liner that’s closest to the color you’re wearing. Apply a long wearing lipstick like Matte Lip Tar by OCC and finish with a dazzling gloss by Armour Beauty. Using these steps allows you to have color on your lips all day (kisses and all).

               Final tip: Don’t Stress- You can always see stress on the face and even if the makeup is applied flawlessly. Everything will be ok, so take your time, take a deep breath and enjoy your big day!


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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