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3 Makeup Mistakes that Make you Look Old

When it comes to trying to pick the right make up for a night out, it can become pretty difficult to choose what is actually going to make you look great. Makeup tips can also be difficult to pick between because some tips are right for one face but totally wrong for another! Therefore, trying to get the right makeup tips for your face can lead to significant problems and actually make yourself look older!

We aren’t going to give you any makeup tricks that are going to make you look “a hundred years younger” but we definitely want to give you some mistakes that you should definitely avoid making.

Mistake One – Too Much Foundation

Picking a foundation which is too thick will settle into the lines on your face, as well as start to take the luminosity out of your face. You should make sure that you are using make-up to compliment a natural look, not hide it!

You don’t need to cover every part of your face with foundation, try and avoid any “matte” or “velvet” formats and try and look for sheer liquid formulas that also have a light diffusing pigment about them. When it comes to foundation, less is most definitely more!

Mistake Two – Too Much Makeup Under Your Eyes

Because the skin under your eyes is pretty thin, trying to completely conceal eye circles is going to leave your eyes looking a little bit strange. A thick concealer that comes in a pot will definitely get rid of the shadows, but it might make you look a little unbalanced in the face, too.

Try and go for a highlighter pen – preferably a brush-on equivalent – that use illuminating particles rather than an opaque colour. This looks far more natural and balanced, which should be one of your main priorities when it comes to trying to make your face look right with makeup tricks.

Mistake Three – Deep Lipstick

Your lips naturally are red, so when you apply another layer of red it can make you look a little bit crazy. As we all know, darker colours make something appear smaller and this is not something that you exactly want to do with your lips. Rather you want your mouth to look as light and full as possible, so go for a lighter colour like a peachy or vibrant red.

This looks much better than using a deeper lipstick that can actually make your face look a little bit thinner and older. These simple solutions are great ways for keeping your face looking clear and safe, leaving a more natural look than before.

Remember – make-up is to be used to accentuate your features, not hide them!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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