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Bold Hair Color Ideas

I have a hard time committing to bold haircuts.

As cute as I think pixie cuts look on celebrities like Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley or Kaley Cuoco, I can never seem to bite the bullet and get one myself because it just feels so permanent.

Which, of course, it isn’t – hair does grow, after all. But I’m just not willing to deal with the time it would take to grow my locks out if it turns out I hate the cut.

But I do like to change up my look, which is why I’m always playing with my hair color. At this point in my life, I’ve tried just about every color under the sun at one point or another – that includes a bright blue shade that I rocked all through my junior year of college (and kind of made my mom want to disown me for a while, but that’s another story…).

I guess hair color just doesn’t seem as big a commitment to me as a cut — if you don’t like the shade that your hair turns out, you may be able to just wash the dye out or re-color it with a more flattering shade.

And that’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to go a little bolder with your hair color – there are so many fun shades to play with out there that you don’t have to be stuck with the usual golden blonde or warm chestnut.

But if you’re not sure what eye-catching shade you want to try, here are a few fun hair color ideas to consider.

See Red

When you want to turn heads, dying your hair red is always a great option. But instead of a natural-looking auburn or strawberry blonde, go a little more outrageous with your red tone. Try a rich ruby or a bright cherry color if you really want to get noticed. For a slightly more subtle look, try a coppery shade with some orange undertones – it’s a killer look if you’ve got blue eyes that you really want to make pop.

Go Platinum

If golden blonde is a little too played out for your tastes and gray locks are a little too much, compromise with a gorgeous icy platinum shade. This white blonde shade is definitely striking enough to get you noticed, but it’s not quite as drastic as snow white locks. It’s an ideal option if your hair is already blonde because you won’t have to strip too much color to lighten it further. If you’ve got dark locks, though, you’ll need to bleach your hair — which can be very damaging — so make sure you go to a professional to get it done right. Keep in mind that platinum hair takes a lot of maintenance too, so it’s probably not a hair color that you’ll want to keep for too long.

Play with Pastels

For bold, lively hair color that still has an elegant feel, opt for a pastel shade instead of a brighter hue. Sorbet-inspired shades have been all the rage in hair color recently because they’re soft and demure but still stand out in a crowd. Take a page from Kelly Osbourne’s book and go with a lilac or lavender hue for your locks. If green’s your favorite color, try a pale mint shade. Sky blue and baby pink are other perfect options. Just don’t expect your pastel color to last all that long – they’re usually applied as a rinse rather than a permanent dye so they wash out in three to five shampoos. And don’t forget: because they’re such light colors, pastels are best for naturally or dyed blonde locks.

Get Streaky

If you like the idea of making a bold statement with your hair but aren’t ready to go all out and dye your entire head cherry red or electric blue, try just one or two streaks instead. Dying a small section from the lower layers of your hair a bold shade livens up your usual color but keeps the look subtle – and it’s easy to hide if you need to look more conservative for work or school.

You can even go for temporary streaks – use clip-in extensions in your favorite bright or pastel shade like Snazzy Lights by Gorgeous Strandz Extensions in Poetic Purple or Fierce Fuchsia for a night out with the girls. Or use hair chalk to add streaks to your locks for special occasions. Try the Sephora Collection Pastel Hair Chalk in Lilac or Turquoise, but make sure to wet your hair first for the most intense color.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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