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Classic Makeup Tips for the Office

Classic Makeup Tips for the Office

When you go to work, it is important to make a good impression. Along with dressing appropriately, you need to have a good and classic makeup look every day. Here are some tips for looking great and not spending much time getting ready in the morning.

Start with your nails. You may not consider doing your nails in the same category with makeup, but just like your makeup and hair, it is important to look groomed and classy. Badly chipped nail polish or dirty nails can look sloppy to your boss or other co-workers. Bare, clean nails always look better than chipped nail polish. If you spend your day typing on your phone and computer, it is always best to keep your nails short.

Next, we will talk about your face. Let’s start with the eyes. Skip the dramatic smoky eyes and sparkly shadows and save them for going out on a Friday night. Keep your eye makeup simple at the office by using neutral shadows and brown or black eye liner. Use a waterproof formula if you tend to rub your eyes during the day.

When it comes to blush, keep it simple and go for a coral or light pink.

When choosing a lip color, you may keep it simple with a clear lip gloss or balm. Since you are keeping your eyes neutral, it is appropriate to use a more bold lip color. Wearing a little lipstick will help you look more put together if you need a boost.

When it comes to perfume, be mindful of your co-workers. It might be polite to ask if anyone has any allergies or sensitivities if they sit very close to you during the day. Even if no one is very sensitive to smells, it is always best to spray perfume conservatively. No one wants to be the person who stinks up the whole office. It is always best to freshen up in the bathroom and not at your desk as well.

Lastly, it is a good idea to keep some beauty emergency essentials at your desk. This could include deodorant, lipstick, powder and a brush. You never know when you need a touch-up to head to an unexpected meeting or dinner after work.

What other tips do you have for the office or other workplace? Do you agree with these tips or do you have something else to share?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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