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Face masks You Can Make At Home

Facial masks intended to beautify and purify have been used for centuries and are still used today. Today’s masks are primarily used cosmetically to deep-clean and tighten skin. Masks are often used to help alleviate skincare problems.

Making your own natural skincare products is a great alternative to store bought brands. DIY skincare allows you to know exactly what is in your product and to customize it accordingly. Homemade skincare is actually pretty simple as you will see from the recipes below.

Provided below are three DIY skincare masks that are suitable for three different skin types; oily, dry and normal. These homemade skincare recipes should be used as a guide and can be customized to individual preference.


Purifying Clay Mask for Oily or Blemished Skin

  •  Combine 1 Tbsp. French green clay-grind fine with enough Aloe Vera juice to create a smooth, paste. Add two drops of a skin safe essential oil such as helichrysum or chamomile.
  • Use fingers to spread the paste on the face and neck and allow it to dry completely. This will usually take around 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll feel a tightening.
  • After the mask is completely dry simply rinse off and pat dry. Follow with skin cream if desired. Use the mask one or two times a week, making a fresh batch each time.


Soothing Avocado and Buttermilk Mask for Dry or Damaged Skin

  • Scoop the pulp from a quarter of a very ripe avocado. Mix it with enough buttermilk to make a smooth paste. Make sure you don’t get it too thin.
  • Use fingers to apply paste in upward strokes to face and neck. Be sure to safeguard clothes and hair as this mask can be a little runny. Leave on for twenty to 30 minutes.
  • After 20 to 30 minutes has gone by, rinse well and follow with skin cream if desired. Use when needed for a soothing mask.
  • This recipe can double as an intensive hair treatment. Simply apply to hair and cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap for 30 minutes and then rinse out. Avocado and buttermilk make a great natural hair remedy.


Honey Mask for Normal Skin Types

  • Apply a very thin coat of room temperature raw honey to the face and neck using upward strokes. It will typically take 2-3 teaspoons for this mask.
  • Leave on for about 15 minutes before rinsing off. Be sure to safeguard clothes and hair as this mask can be somewhat runny and sticky. Use whenever a little pampering is desired.


DIY skincare is quick and easy. Making single use masks takes virtually no time at all and you get the benefits of knowing exactly what is in your skin care product.  Do you have any DIY skincare recipes of your own? We would LOVE to hear them! Comment your tips and tricks below 🙂

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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