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What Is The Difference Between Botox & Dermal Fillers?

For those who would like to get rid of wrinkles and don’t want as intensive of a procedure, Botox and dermal fillers have both begun to rise in popularity as skin solutions. Some may be wondering what the difference is between each form of skincare.

Botox aims to get rid of wrinkles that are only noticeable when the face is in motion and are caused by muscle movement. Botox will also aid patients by soothing and softening muscles that have become overused. Recently, Botox was also approved by the FDA for the treatment of excessively sweaty armpits and hands. It is a fast acting treatment, and results will be visible within days.

By injecting Botox directly into the muscle, it impedes the function of the nerve. After a Botox injection, the muscle is temporarily unable to make the movements that lead to skin becoming wrinkled. These are known as dynamic wrinkles and are related to the stress brought upon during facial expressions such as frowning. Crow’s feet and neck lines can also be treated with Botox.

 Dermal fillers are recommended for patients who wish to remove their static wrinkles. These are the skincare problems that are visible when the face is in a resting state. When the face ages and begins to lose its elasticity, this shows with the appearance of static wrinkles. After a certain amount of time, static wrinkles become a permanent facial feature.

Dermal fillers are more focused on adding volume that has been lost. It achieves this effect by plumping up the facial tissue, which forces the creases to push outwards and restore the appearance of youth. Fillers also stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen. Dermal fillers also help to restore facial smoothness and take effect almost instantaneously.

Which of these skin solutions is right for you will depend on your particular facial muscles. In certain cases, a combination of the two procedures is needed for those who require skincare solutions for both dynamic and static wrinkles. Many licensed physicians will administer these treatments in concurrence with one another to achieve the best possible results.

It is crucial that you make an appointment and discuss your situation with a trained physician before allowing any medical professional to dispense either of these injections. For some patients, the structure of their forehead can lead to drooping of the eyelids after the treatments. An experienced doctor will be able to discern whether or not you are at any risk for receiving either of these skincare solutions.

Each of these methods have been shown to have effective results and are proven beauty tips. Depending on the nature of your skincare problems, one or both of these treatments may be right for you.  Have you ever tried either of these skin procedures? We want to hear about your experience.  Comment your stories below!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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