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Concealer Tricks for Flawless Skin


We all need concealer at some point. Whether dark circles, acne, dark spots or redness are your issue, here are some tricks to make your concealer work for you. Most of us simply apply under our eyes and on those pesky red spots, but makeup artists have tips and tricks to apply concealer in the right places, such as beneath your lips, for an extra gorgeous and flawless face.

Around The Brows

A pencil that doubles as a concealer and highlighter is great for your brows to make them stand out. Trace around each brow then blend in with your finger. Applying brightening concealer under your brows is also a great way to distract from stray hairs, so you don’t have to wax or pluck as often.

The Nostrils

If you’ve been blowing your nose a lot due to colds, allergies or a late night crying session, the spot under your nose can get really dry and red. Soothe the skin and disguise any irritation with a moisturizing concealer. Use a brush for precise application. If the skin is really red and raw, try using a little Vaseline before you apply the rest of your makeup.

The Bridge of the Nose

If you have any spots or blackheads on your nose, you might want to cover them with concealer, but it can be a hard area to cover. Go for creamy concealers that don’t melt easily and won’t turn cakey if you start to sweat.

Beneath the Lips

Apply concealer to the right and left of the area of your chin, under the corners of your lips. It adds a bit of radiance to your complexion. Try using a brush for the chin’s rounded shape. It should also blur out any imperfections and is great for when you go out at night. Try a luminous concealer.

Remember, concealer brushes are best for under the eye and pencils work well for acne or covering up specific spots on your face. There are so many concealers out there it can be hard to know which to choose and use for what areas of your face, so feel free to ask a makeup artist or consultant at your local beauty supply store.

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Have you ever tried using concealer on these specific areas of your face? What type of concealer do you use? Share with us your tips for looking flawless and fabulous!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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