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Fix Beauty Emergencies Fast


You take good care of your skin, but sometimes things happen. Sunburns, allergies or an illness can come out of nowhere and make you look anything but pretty. Here are some tips to help heal your skin when emergencies strike.

Even if you apply SPF, sometimes sunburns can still strike. Cover your sunburned areas with lavender, chamomile or aloe to help soothe, then moisturize, then worry about covering up the redness. When you apply your makeup, opt for a color corrector and use green concealer to cover up any redness. Waterproof formulas for your makeup will work wonders because sunburns can cause your skin to fluctuate in temperature, making you more likely to sweat. Don’t use a powder either, but a hydrating setting spray or BB cream. Try using a shimmer eye shadow or blush too, that can distract people from any lingering redness.

Say you’ve had a bad night and were up late crying, but don’t want anyone to know the next day. You might wake up with puffy eyes and a red face. You can still hide it quick! Allergies might also make you wake up with a puffy face. If so, reach for a toner. Rosewater is best, but make sure you’re not allergic to it first. Concealer also helps red eyes and puffiness. Don’t reach for a lighter shade than your natural color, but a darker shade like an orange color. It will cancel out any discoloration better than a lighter shade. Just be sure to rub in completely.

Another skin emergency might be due to a fun night out. That fun night out turned into a little too many cocktails and now you have to go into work hung over, but don’t want anyone to notice. Start with moisturizer and toner, especially those with vitamins A and E. They are very restorative to skin. Try a navy blue mascara to reduce the appearance of redness in your eyes and brighten your complexion.

Lastly, if you’ve gotten the cold that is going around, your skin can look sallow. You’ll want your makeup to help you look healthier and more radiant if you have to work through your illness. Your illness might be making your skin drier, so reach for extra moisturizer and use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of powders. Avoid anything matte and look for luminous products. Use a luminizer around your nose, under your eyes, along your brow bones and look for a shimmery shade of eye shadow.

Do you ever have any beauty or skin emergencies? Will you use any of these tips? Let us know!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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