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The New Sombre Hair Trend


Ombre has been the hottest hair trend for the last few years. But the thick highlights may not look great on everyone or you may not want such a radical change, especially if you work in a professional office. Now sombre (otherwise known as subtle ombre) is here. It is a toned down version of ombre that many different hair colors can easily take on. Ombre only worked best for brunettes or those with darker hair that could easily transition into light color, but sombre is much more subtle and easier for anyone to try. It is a way to change your hair but not too drastically.

This is all about a subtle change from roots to ends and is perfect for growing out roots. Unlike traditional ombre, where the top of the hair is dark and blends into the bottom being a much lighter color, sombre is more subtle and blended. Lighter pieces are taken higher, around the face, and it is a much more natural look. It is perfect with layers and texturing.

This is great for blondes who may not have been able to get on the ombre train. It is also great for those who may not have been brave enough to try ombre or want a new trend that is more natural than ombre. While blondes can have more fun with this trend, it is also still amazing for brunettes. You can add soft gold, honey and caramel shades to lighten quickly and naturally. Sombre is great for growing out roots, so you can have more time in between hair coloring sessions. Great for summer… less time and money in the salon and more fun in the sun!

It is great because it lightens up your face with different golden colors and gives your hair a shake up without feeling like your hair style is too crazy for the office. All different hair colors can try this trend, from redheads to blondes to brunettes to black hair. If you are unsure if this trend is right for you, ask your hairstylist and search the Internet or Pinterest for sombre inspirations to bring with you to your next hair color appointment.

Have you tried the ombre trend or sombre trend? Does this appeal to you? Share with us if you have gotten sombre hair color or plan to!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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