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Hairbrush and Comb Guide for All Types of Gorgeous Hair


When you go shopping at your local beauty store, the amount and different types of hairbrushes and combs can be overwhelming. You might keep choosing the same brush over and over, not aware that it isn’t the right brush for your hair type. Here are the different brushes and what they’re for, so you can increase your hairbrush collection and figure out which ones will work best for your hair needs.

  1. Paddle Brush: This is a great brush for anyone. It is large and flat and normally has plastic bristles. It is great for detangling messy hair; adding volume to your roots and helping you get a nice blowout.
  2. Bristled Round Brush: This one can also work for anyone. If you like to blow out your hair, but don’t like it to be pin straight, this brush can add waves and shine as well.
  3. Ceramic or Metal Round Brush: If you desire a little curl when you blow out your hair, try this brush that is actually vented, which allows air to pass through the brush and dry your hair from each angle. The metal barrel of the brush heats up when you’re using your hairdryer, so it will curl your hair more easily.
  4. Boar and Nylon Bristled Metal Brush: This one is great for curly or straight hair. It is great at adding curl or simply using for a blowout.
  5. Small Boar Bristled Brush: This one is very small and is great if you have bangs or very short hair.
  6. Boar Bristled Oval-Cushioned Brush: This one isn’t for blowouts, but is great for everything else. It can be used to brush out curls, tease hair or smooth down any unruly locks.
  7. Detangling Comb: Just what the name entails, a comb to detangle wet hair and make sure that you don’t cause any damage to your delicate, damp hair.
  8. Parting “Rat Tail” Comb: A styling comb with a tapered handle. This comb has two ends. The comb part can be used for styling and the pointed handle can be used to part your hair or separate sections while you style.

What types of brushes and combs do you use? What brands do you like the best? Is there anyone who owns and uses all of these? Share with us in the comments!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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