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Make Your Makeup Last Longer


If you have a full-time job and go out at night or are just simply super busy throughout the day and don’t have time to fix your makeup, what do you do? The gorgeous job you did in the morning with your face rarely lasts a few hours, let alone all day. Here are some tips to keeping your makeup fresh and you looking flawless all day long.
First of all, choose matte finishes. Your skin will naturally produce oils and get dewy throughout the day, so you’ll want to counteract this with your makeup if you don’t want to look too greasy. Go for matte foundations, eye shadows and lipsticks. Look for products that claim to be “long-lasting” and ask around for which products really work or test a few yourself.
Use a primer to increase the longevity of your look. Use a primer for everything, including your face, before your eye shadow and mascara and lips. Use a makeup setting powder after you apply your makeup or a makeup setting spray to keep oils at bay and your look from fading. My current favorite is Urban Decay’s “De Slick” Oil control Makeup Setting Spray. You use it before and after applying makeup to keep oily skin at bay, which is especially important if you might be sweating.
Keep a bag with makeup and tools for touch ups throughout the day. You don’t need to re-do your makeup completely to keep it looking fresh all day long. Include powders, oil blotting sheets, lip gloss, mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Try including small or sample sizes so in case you lose them, you won’t be upset. Slip them all in a small bag and toss in your purse so you have it whenever you need a little touch up.
What do you use to make your makeup look last all day, even on your busiest days? Share with us your secrets!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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