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Makeup Brushes You Should Own


Makeup can be a tricky and confusing subject. Makeup brushes are no exception. There are tons of different types and brands out there, so how do you know which ones you should be using? Here’s a basic list of the top makeup brushes you should own for a well-rounded collection. It can also help you apply your makeup better.

First, for eye brushes, you might need a few different ones. You’ll want an eye shader brush, which is used for putting color on the lid. Most eye shadows come with a small applicator, but they aren’t very effective. Getting yourself an eye shader brush can help you apply eye shadow and build color more effectively.

Next, you’ll need a stiff dome brush. They are great for creating a smoky eye or blending color in your crease. These brushes are very stiff and make it super easy to apply eye shadow where you want to keep it.

If you use eye liner, you’ll want a pencil brush for perfect precision. It is great for smudging liner across your lash line for a more natural look or putting specific shadowing colors around your eye. Another great brush for applying eye liner, especially gel liner, is a bent liner brush. The pointed tip is great for eye liner application beginners.

Now that you have a stiff dome brush, look for a soft dome brush. These are great for blending concealer to hide dark circles or acne spots.

For perfect brows, look for a dual ended brow brush which has two ends. One end allows you to brush through your brows and the other helps you fill in any sparse areas.

Now that you have your eyes covered, we’ll move on to the top face brushes you’ll need. First is the angled contour brush. These are best for blush.

Next is the foundation stippling brush. It is made for applying liquid foundation and helps you achieve a flawless look with no streaks.

Lastly is a great makeup tool that is not necessarily a brush, but a makeup application tool. It is called the beauty blender and has an egg shaped design that helps you apply makeup to areas that a brush can easily miss. It gives a great airbrush look.

What are your favorite makeup brushes to use? Did I leave out any of your favorites? Let us know!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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