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Switching Up Your Skincare Regimen


Dr. Gary Goldfaden, M.D. is a member of The American Academy of Dermatology, creator of GOLDFADEN MD products and author of the book, “Your Guide to Healthy Skin The Natural Way.” To help you maintain your radiant complexion year-round, he shared his skincare tips and products to pick when the temperatures begin to climb through the spring and summer seasons.

How does your skin change between winter and summer?

During the winter, skin is drier and can appear dull and lackluster if not exfoliated and hydrated properly. During the summer, skin can become oilier due to humidity and tends to break out more due to heat and use of incorrect products.  Spring and summer brings more moisture and temperature warmth which means the heavy oils and moisturizers can take a back seat during the day. They can still be used at night if your skin feel like it needs more hydration. An oil free moisturizer is a good alternative.

What are the primary differences between winter and summer skincare?

Winter is all about hydration and summer is all about brightening skin, reducing hyper-pigmentation and ensuring sun protection.  The transition from winter into spring and summer is the best time to use lactic acid or glycolic peels, because they give the skin brightness while helping to fight off any hyper-pigmentation that may occur during the warmer months.

In the GOLDFADEN MD product line, the Fresh A Peel (lactic acid peel) works in conjunction with Light Treatment (dark spot corrector).  Sun protection should happen no matter what season it is but definitely during the warmer months.  Look for an SPF that is broad spectrum with a physical block such as Titanium Dioxide or Zinc

What products should you use?

An oil free antioxidant serum is a great way to get hydration without feeling like you’re wearing a heavy moisturizer. Your skin usually lets you know what it want so if you’re wearing too heavy products the skin may break out as warning. Always listen to your skin for guidance and make adjustments as necessary.

 Do you have any favorite skincare products? List them below.

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