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How To Avoid Makeup Mistakes While Wearing Glasses


Even though glasses have gained popularity and look very chic these days, it can be difficult to get the right makeup look down when you have frames. Here are some mistakes to avoid when giving yourself a gorgeous makeup look with glasses.

  1. Avoid dark shadows and smokey eye makeup. With glasses, it can make your eyes look way too dark. Go for light colors and highlighting shimmers to bring light to your eyes.
  2. Don’t match your eyeliner to your frames. Choose a liner that is a shade or two lighter than your frames, unless they are clear or white/cream colored. If you have black frames, your eyes will look best with a gray, brown or navy eye liner. If you have brown frames, use a taupe or bronze. Be sure to blend so it doesn’t look too harsh.
  3. Make sure you curl your lashes! Curl your lashes so your eyes look extra wide and bright.
  4. Skip mascara on your bottom lashes if you’re wearing glasses. It can cast a shadow and make you look extra tired.
  5. Don’t skip your skin. While your eyes are most likely the focus when you’re wearing glasses, don’t forget to smooth out your skin tone, hide an imperfections and acne, and give your skin an extra glow of color with bronzer, blush or highlighter.
  6. Don’t forget concealer! Use yellow concealer to combat under eye circles. They will be more noticeable when you’re wearing glasses so cover those suckers up!
  7. Pair thin with thin and thick with thick. This means if you have thick frames, use thick eyeliner and if you have thin frames, use thin eyeliner. You can over-exaggerate your eyes in a bad way if you mix these up.
  8. Don’t forget the brows! Take care of your eyebrows too, not just your eyes. Your eyebrows frame your frames, so make sure they look great. Brush and tweeze them and don’t ever have the dreaded unibrow.

Do you wear glasses? If so, do you ever have a hard time with your makeup routine? This can be especially tricky if you switch from contacts to glasses frequently. Share with us your tips for making your face glow with makeup and your glasses on!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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