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Make Your Mani Last


Have you ever painted your nails only to have them smudge and chip minutes or hours later? All that hard work for nothing! So frustrating, right? There are now gel nail polish options, but if you don’t like the look or don’t like them because they can damage sensitive nails, here are some easy tips to make your manis last a week.

Before you start your manicure, whether you are doing it yourself or heading to the salon, check everything off your to-do list. Make sure there are no dirty dishes or chores waiting for you. Also have a snack and use the restroom to avoid any smudges you’d get by having to use the bathroom or having a snack right after your nails are polished. Throughout the week, use gloves when gardening, cleaning or washing dishes to keep your nails from chipping.

Even if your nails don’t have any polish on them before you paint them, wipe them with nail polish remover anyway. This will make sure there is no moisturizer, oil or water left on your nails that could prevent the nail polish from sticking properly.

Next, don’t ever skip base or top coats. Get a quality base and top coat and use them every time. It will make your manicure stick around much longer. If you aren’t sure what type of base or top coat to get, ask your local beauty supply shop which ones are the most popular or what they use on their own nails.

If you need your manicure to last longer than usual, be smart about what color you choose. Lighter colors, those close to your skin tone or those with glitter often last much longer and won’t show chips as easily. Glitter topcoats are great at hiding those chips too. If your nail polish starts to chip throughout the week, add a glitter or shimmer top coat to hide any chips.

Nail polish can take up to 12 hours to fully set, so avoid hot water or showers until fully dry. Give yourself enough time for it to dry or you’ll set yourself up for faster chips. In the days to come, periodically apply more top coat to fill in weak spots and help preserve your amazing manicure.

How long do your manicures typically last? What are your tried and true tips for making your manis last longer? Share with us!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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