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Fall 2014 Makeup Trends


September 23, 2014 marks the beginning of Autumn. For most this means pumpkin everything, sweaters and scarves, Halloween preparations and cider. But don’t forget about new makeup trends! With every season comes a new trend to try with the changing weather. Use Fall as a great time to go through your makeup, toss anything old or expired and go shopping for some fun new things to try. Here are some of the top makeup trends for Fall 2014:

Metallic Eye

Metallic eyes always come back around. They are gorgeous if you use them the right way. It is a way to look fancy without using glitter or being too sparkly. Go for subtle metallic this fall. Think metallic shadow in the center of your lid as a highlight or a metallic line underneath the eyes to brighten them. Try gold, silver, bronze and copper and see which ones work best with your skin tone and eye color.

Bold Lips

Bold lips will never go out of style! This fall they are back with a vengeance and there are many bold colors to choose from that aren’t classic red. If you aren’t ready for a super bold lip look, use any lip color as a stain. Use your finger to lightly tap the lipstick or gloss onto your lips. Berry, hot pink and crimson are great looks for this fall and brighten your skin without even trying. To make your look even more bold, use lip gloss in the center of your lips and blend outward for amazing shine. Remember if you rock a bold lip, keep your eye makeup soft and natural to avoid looking like a clown.

Full Brows

Great looking brows are the best way to frame your face in the best way possible. If you have light colored or small brows, have no fear, you can easily fix them to make them fuller. Add emphasis on the arch by using an eyebrow pencil or gel that is about the same color or a little darker than your natural brows. Avoid drawing but use the pencil or gel in little strokes that mimic natural hairs to avoid looking cartoonish. Use a brow gel to keep your brows intact or use a waterproof gel if the weather might act up.

Be daring and take a risk with one of these trends as the leaves begin to change! Which makeup trends for fall are you dying to try? Let us know which ones you try and what you thought of them!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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