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High Protein Veggies to Fit in Your Diet Today


High Protein Veggies to Fit in Your Diet Today:
It can be hard to get your protein, especially if you are a vegan or vegetarian. But there are great sources of protein from your favorite vegetables. These are perfect picks to always have on hands for energy and amazing health.
1. Peas: Peas have lots of protein packed in their little size and can be enjoyed fresh or frozen. Add them to your meals or salads for a protein boost.
2. Spinach: This is a great vegetable with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and you guessed it, protein. Add it to all your salads for amazing benefits.
3. Kale: Another great salad addition and one of the best greens out there, kale also has protein. Add it to smoothies for the health benefits and you won’t even taste it if you add enough other yummy ingredients.
4. Broccoli: Broccoli is another green vegetable with high fiber, antioxidants, minerals and protein. Broccoli works great in a variety of meals and you can eat it raw or cooked.
5. Sprouts: Sprouts are a great addition to sandwiches or salads and there are different varieties of fresh sprouts, so you can try different ones until you find a favorite new way to get some extra protein. The cool thing about sprouts is they are living until you pick them, which guarantees astonishing freshness.
6. Mushrooms: Mushrooms have amazing varieties and can be a great addition to many different types of meals. In addition to a healthy dose of protein, they have immune boosting properties which are great for this time of the year when sicknesses start spreading more rapidly.
7. Brussels Sprouts: This vegetable is high in protein and fiber. A great way to make Brussels sprouts is to bake them with oil and salt.
8. Artichokes: You can eat these steamed, roasted or blended. They are very high in protein and in turn, very filling. Add them to a variety of meals.
9. Asparagus: Lastly, try some asparagus with your next meal for extra protein. They also have a lot of fiber and help your body with detoxification. Yum!
Do you eat any of these vegetables on a regular basis? Were you surprised to find they were high in protein? Share with us your thoughts and if you plan to add any of these veggies to your next lunch or dinner!


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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