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Homecoming Hair Ideas


With fall in full swing, there are plenty of seasonal goodies to look forward to – comfy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween parties, dark, vampy lipstick, and killer knee-high boots, to name just a few.

If you’re in school, though, fall usually means another big moment – homecoming.

And you know I’m not talking about the game.

The homecoming dance is probably the biggest social event in the first half of the school year, and while you’re fretting over what dress to wear and how to do your makeup, you don’t want to be worrying about your hair too.

So if you need a striking but still easy-to-do hairstyle for the big night, here are a few options that’ll leave you looking fierce as you dance the night away — and if you’re not in school, these styles are perfect for any special event that you might have coming up this fall.

Sophisticated Twist

Up do’s always seem like the best option for a special occasion, but you don’t want a complicated style that’ll take hours to do before the big dance. Instead, get a sophisticated look by pulling your hair up in a simple twist.

Start by working a smoothing serum like the Living Proof Satin Smoothing Serum through damp locks before blow drying. Once your hair is dry, brush it all back – if you want extra volume at the crown, use a teasing comb to back comb a bit. Gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, making sure that the top and sides of your hair are combed neatly in place. Then start twisting the pony and pressing it against the back of your head. Use bobby pins to hold the twist in place – and make sure to tuck the ends of your hair underneath the twist for a neat, polished look. Don’t forget to give your hair a spritz with a firm hold hairspray like Aveda’s Control Force Hair Spray so your do stays in place when you’re busting a move on the dance floor.

Elegant Top Knot

If you want an even easier up do than a basic twist, the ballerina-inspired top knot may be the perfect look for you. Start with damp hair and work an anti-frizz serum like the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum through your locks before blow drying. When your hair is dry, use a brush to smooth it down as you pull it back into a pony tail – pay careful attention to the placement of your pony, though, because wherever you place your ponytail is where your top knot will wind up.

To beef up your bun, especially if you’ve got fine hair, use a Styrofoam donut designed for bun-making – just slip your pony through the center hole, push it all the way to the base, and then wrap your hair around it. Use a few bobby pins to secure the top knot and spray the entire do with a little hair spray like the TRESemme Extra Firm Control Tres Two Spray to keep it looking neat all night long.

Crown of Braids

You don’t have to be homecoming queen to wear a crown at the big dance – but leave the rhinestone-encrusted tiara at home and try a braided crown instead. Take a 1-inch section of hair behind each ear and create two braids. Cross the two over the crown of your head and pin them in place with bobby pins. You can pair the braided crown with a bun if you want an up do, or leave your locks down and use a curling iron to add some loose waves for a soft, romantic look.

High Pony

A pony tail may seem like a pretty casual style for the homecoming dance, but for low-maintenance girls, it can be an ideal option – just go for a super high style to give it a totally glam look. Use a natural bristle brush to cut back on frizz and static as you smooth your hair back into place and secure it with a hair tie embellished with crystals or beads to dress up the look. Remember to give your hair a spritz with a little hairspray like Bumble and bumble’s Spray De Mode to keep it looking sleek until the last dance.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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