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How Fall Weather Makes You Sick

Natural Remedies for Cough and Cold

If you think winter is prime flu time, you might be wrong. When the weather starts changing to cooler weather, your immune system might be compromised. There are some sneaky ways that fall weather and the changing seasons can make you sick. Read on to learn how to avoid them and keep yourself healthy as the seasons roll by.

Summer is over and it is time for school again. Even if you aren’t in school or don’t have kids in school, you might still be caught up in the germ fest that happens every September. Kids spread infections pretty quickly in school and can infect their parents who could be your friends or co-workers. Wash your hands often, especially when you’re around kids, their parents or teachers.

Fall can bring a more stressful schedule and less sleep, which works against your immune system. Gone are the lazy days of summer, when you spend more time outdoors and more time relaxing. As fall approaches so does a busier schedule, more time inside with other germy people and less sleep. The less sleep you get, the less able your immune system is able to fight off infections. So do yourself a favor and get at least 7 hours a night.

Fall also brings more allergens as the seasons change, especially ragweed and mold. Take an allergy pill to ward off symptoms and wash your hands often to keep the allergens away.

When the seasons change, the amount of daylight gets shorter and this can greatly affect your mood and your immune system. Your mood can be greatly affected by the amount of sunlight you get. If you are finding it to be an issue, talk to someone about treatment such as medication, taking more Vitamin D supplements or a sun lamp.

As the seasons change, the temperature is always up and down. You know the days… when it is freezing in the morning and warm and sunny by noon so you never know what to wear. While your mother might have been wrong that temperature itself won’t make you sick, some respiratory illnesses and asthma can be triggered by sudden coldness. So be sure to dress for the weather and take a sweater wherever you go, just in case.

Did you know any of these instances could make you sick? Do you often get sick when the weather changes in fall? Share with us your stories!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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