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How to Cover Up a Bad Haircut


We’ve all had a bad haircut at one time or another. It could have been a style you were excited about that just didn’t work for you, a bad hairdresser that cut off five inches instead of one or even a botched color. Whatever it was that happened, dry your tears and take these tips to cover up your locks until they grow back out.

  1. Use more accessories. If there are some uneven pieces in your hair, twist them and pin them back with bobby pins. Use a headband to cover up messed up bangs. Depending on what happened, you can always use a headband, head scarf or hat to cover it up and still look chic.
  2. Play with your new look! Use any hot tools you have including a curling iron, straightener, waver, hot rollers, whatever and play around with different looks. Don’t be afraid to try a curly ‘do with your new haircut if you tend to gravitate towards straight hair. You might learn to love it and have a favorite new style!
  3. If your hair is long enough to put up, use this as an opportunity to try wearing more updos. Search on Pinterest for cute braids, buns and ponytails to try. There are tons of cute styles out there that are easy to do and just require a bit of practice.
  4. If your hairstylist just simply cut your hair way too short, try extensions until your hair grows back out. There are so many different varieties of extensions so speak to an experienced hairstylist to use extensions to make you feel fabulous again. If you have the money, dish it out for more natural, real hair extensions instead of synthetic.
  5. You might simply need to try a different hairstylist to try to fix the mess someone else made. You can also try a different hair color to offset what you don’t like about your haircut. If all else fails, remember the mantra: it will grow back! Don’t be too upset about something you know will soon change. Until then, this is your excuse to wear a lot of cute hats and ask your stylist friends to help you fix your hair!

Have you ever had a terrible haircut? What did you do? Share with us your experiences and if you’ve ever used any of these tips!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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