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How To Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer


Sometimes it isn’t the makeup that makes your look perfection, but your makeup brushes. If you get a good name brand, they can be expensive, so how do you make them last as long as possible and keep them effective? Here are some tips.

  1. Wash your brushes monthly. Also, clean them when you purchase them and before you ever use them to get rid of any chemicals. For brushes made with real hair, wash them with organic baby shampoo. For synthetic brushes, you can use liquid dish soap or a brush cleaner. Every few months, use the baby shampoo to wash your synthetic brushes too, just to get rid of any sneaky chemical buildup that might be hiding in there. If you get too much makeup on them or they appear to have buildup, wash them sooner.
  2. Make sure you store them properly. After you wash them, let them air dry before putting them away. Keep them away from sunlight and dust. It is best to store them upright in a cup or roll them up in a brush roll if you put them away in a container or case. Make sure you store them so the shape is never compromised and they are able to breathe.
  3. Be choosy. Use brushes with the right product for an amazing look. Use natural hair brushes with powders and anything dry and use synthetic brushes with liquids because synthetic brushes don’t absorb much product. Teach yourself which brushes work best with different types of makeup.
  4. Apply lightly. Don’t push the brush too aggressively into a product or onto your face because they bristles will bend out of shape and will get ruined much faster. If hair falls out of the brush, it will result in an uneven application. Use light-handed strokes to blend or use your hands when necessary for tight spots.
  5. If you want a brush to last longer, buy synthetic. They’re great for applying liquids and most of the time last much longer than a natural brush. The bristles won’t break or fall out as easily.

If you follow these rules, your makeup brushes should last you a while and you’ll be a makeup pro in no time.

Which makeup brushes do you use? Do you follow these rules? Share with us which brands or types of brushes are your favorite! We’d love to hear from you!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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