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The Secrets To Smooth Hair


Whenever I watch stars walk the red carpet before an awards show or big premiere, there’s always plenty to feel envious about.

The fabulous dresses.

The flawless makeup.

The jewelry that probably costs more than I make in a year.

But without fail, the thing that I’m always most jealous of is the gorgeous, silky, head-turning hair. I mean, these stars’ tresses always look so beautiful that it’s impossible to imagine that they’ve ever had a bad hair day in their lives.

Now, getting your locks to look as perfectly smooth as your favorite celebrity may seem like mission impossible, but all it takes is the right products and habits to banish frizz and get your hair in star-quality shape.

Here are a few secrets to super sexy, smooth hair that’ll have you ready to walk the red carpet in no time.

Give It The Cold Shoulder

It’s no secret that your hair looks its healthiest when you keep it clean, so washing it regularly with a shampoo meant for your hair type is a must. When you rinse your hair, though, don’t use hot water. It might not be comfortable, especially when the weather’s cool, but using cold water is actually better for your locks because it helps close and flatten the cuticle, which reduces frizz and instantly makes your them look smoother. If you can’t stand cold water in winter, though, cool water can work too.

Get Your Moisture On

For your hair to be smooth and soft, it has to be properly hydrated. That’s because it can get frizzy and brittle in a hurry when it’s a dry. If you have fine hair, using a regular conditioner each time you shampoo is probably sufficient to keep your locks moisturized. But if you have thick, coarse hair or have it chemically treated, you need a little more help – which is why you should work a deep conditioner into your hair care routine. It sits on your hair longer than a traditional conditioner so it has time to really penetrate and deliver the kind of intense hydration that helps smooth locks. Try the It’s A 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner once or twice a week depending on the condition of your hair to keep your tresses as smooth as silk.

Be Gentle

To keep your locks smooth, you don’t want to do anything that might dry them out or cause damage – so basically, you want to treat them as gently as possible. That means limiting heat styling with your curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer as much as possible – and using a heat protectant product like the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Thermal Protection Formula every time you do use heat. When you’re blow drying, waiting until your hair has at least partially air-dried can also be a big help.

Choose your brush with care too. Ditch those with plastic bristles because they can snag your hair and cause frizz. Instead, try a natural bristle brush like the Earth Therapeutics Large Boar Bristle Bamboo Hair Brush to go a little gentler on your locks and keep them smooth. And if you can help it, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet and at its most fragile. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair after you wash it instead.

Take A Shortcut

The right finishing touch can help keep your hair looking smooth all day. If you’re prone to frizz, treat your locks with an anti-frizz serum like the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum before you style. Curly hair can benefit from a smoothing serum like the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum, which helps give hair a soft, polished look. And when all else fails, a shine serum or spray can make your hair look super sleek and smooth in a matter of seconds. Try the Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum to help hide any frizz or other flaws that might be keeping your hair from looking smooth.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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