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Awesome Nail Hacks


Most girls love changing their nails as often as they change their clothes. But sometimes, when you do your own nails, you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be! Try some of these amazing nail hacks to get the makeover you’re craving quickly and easily.

1. Dip your painted nails in ice water to dry faster. Let them air dry for a few minutes then dip them in ice water to set the color quick.

2. Line your nails with Vaseline before you paint them. It will create a barrier between your nails and your skin so you can wipe away any mistakes super easily. Elmer’s glue will also work.

3. You can create your own nail decals! Forget the expensive ones and create your own design. Paint a thin coat of nail polish on plastic wrap and when dried use a hole punch or decorative punch to punch out designs. Then lie it on your nail and seal with top coat.

4. Use plastic wrap to create a marbled look. Scrunch a small piece of plastic wrap into a ball, dip into nail polish and dab on nails for a creative look with as many colors as you choose.

5. Use an angled eyebrow brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the edges where you get nail polish on your skin. The bristles are tight and compact and perfect for giving you a clean edge.

6. Use three-hole punch reinforcement stickers to create a half-moon manicure. Put a sticker at the bottom of your nail along the cuticle. First paint the bottom of your nails with the color you want the half-moon to be. Let dry then put on the sticker and paint the rest of your nail. Gently pull off to reveal your new, cute mani!

7. Want dots on your nails? Use a pencil eraser or end of a bobby pin to create a dotted design.

8. Prevent chipping by using two coats of base coat. First paint base coat on the top half portion of the nail only, then apply base coat over the whole nail. It will protect the polish on the tip of your nail and make your mani last longer.

9. Use white nail polish as a base to make colors pop! This is awesome for bright colors.

10. Never do thick coats of nail polish. Multiple thin coats are your best bet!

11. Buy a small nail art brush and use it dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any design mistakes.

12. If you love glitter nail polish but hate removing it, try removing it like you would a gel manicure. Dip a cotton ball in acetone and press firmly on the nail then wrap with foil. Soak for 8-10 minutes then unwrap and gently slide off the polish. Easy!

13. Spray your nails with cooking oil spray to set the color, prevent smudges and dry fast!

14. Use an old loofah to create a cool spider web manicure. Take it apart and use the netting for a great stencil. Perfect for Halloween!

15. Use an old gel pen for intricate designs. Wait to dry at least 30 minutes before applying top coat.

16. Super thin nail tape will help you create designs with stripes. It is very inexpensive too and will last you forever.

17. You can turn any top coat into glitter nail polish by adding whatever amount and color of glitter you want to it.

Do you have any great tips or tricks for making your manis last longer or creating cool nail art? Share with us your secrets!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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