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Essential Oils For Stopping Wrinkles


Essential oils are great for many things, including your skin care routine and anti-aging treatments. If you find yourself with aging skin and wrinkles and want a more natural treatment with no chemicals, there are some great essential oils you can try. Natural essential oils are great for your skin because they deliver amazing nutrients without clogging pores and irritating the skin. Keep in mind that some stronger oils you may have to dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Also, be sure to buy 100% pure essential oils from trusted brands such as Young Living Oils or Doterra to get the best products, especially if you have sensitive skin. Try a few different ones from the list below to determine which ones work the best for your specific skin type.

Here are some of the best essential oils to try for treating wrinkles and helping you appear younger:

1. Sandalwood Oil. It is great for dry skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It promotes the formation of new skin cells and gives your skin a smoother and more youthful appearance. It can also help increase skin thickness and elasticity to help prevent and smooth wrinkles.

2. Myrrh Oil. This oil is antibacterial and antifungal and is great for smoothing existing wrinkles. It will also help repair your skin from previous damage because of its high antioxidant content.

3. Clary Sage Oil. This essential oil is great when used in combination with moisturizer to remove fine lines and wrinkles. It also tightens pores, firms skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

4. Geranium Oil. This one is a great starter oil because it works on any type of skin, whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin. It increases blood circulation, skin elasticity and helps retain moisture in your skin. It works very well when added to moisturizers or toners.

5. Grape Seed Oil. This essential oil has antioxidants that fight free radicals that damage your skin and helps repair damage caused by free radicals. It contains a lot of Vitamin E, which can help slow the aging process and stop wrinkles in their tracks and protect you from free radicals that come from the sun or the environment.

6. Carrot Seed Oil and Rose Hip Oil. These oils are best used together to help delay the aging process. You can make your own homemade anti-aging remedy with them.

7. Frankincense Oil. This oil protects cells while stimulating new cell growth so it is best for those who suffer from saggy skin. It helps tighten your skin and works very well in the eye area.

If you have wrinkles you wish to reduce or want to start protecting yourself from the aging process or free radicals, essential oils are a great way to protect and nourish your skin without using any harsh chemicals. Many essential oil companies such as Young Living Oils or Doterra also sell skin care lines with essential oils specifically designed in moisturizers or other treatments for your specific skin issues.

Search on Pinterest or other trustworthy websites for homemade recipes for anti-wrinkle creams you can make yourself with ingredients in your kitchen and essential oils. This will be much less expensive than wrinkle cream and you won’t have to worry about not knowing that ingredients are really in the products.

Do you have wrinkles or are you starting to age and look into wrinkle and anti-aging treatments? Would you ever try essential oils to help prevent or help reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Share with us your stories!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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